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I watched a near-finished preview of this edit just over a month ago, here's my review copy/pasted from the thread:
Watched this morning...
"Crazy how cutting only a few minutes here have completely fixed the tonal and pacing issues of the film. Obviously there's more to it than that - you used some clever editing (both visually and aurally) to change the flow of many moments, and even after scrolling through your cutlist I never once actively thought "oh - that was edited". The colour grade is also amazing - makes the film look good even on my shitty second monitor.
I enjoyed this film more than I ever have before - not to mention that new ending! Great work, can't wait to see more from you soon!"

In addition to this review, I also mentioned a couple places with room for improvement, both of which Dugnutt addressed promptly, and excellently. The final version of this edit remains my go-to, and is a must-watch for anyone who is a fan of the original (or, alternatively, who wasn't fond of the original because of the out-of-place humour and other stuff this edit successfully attempted to fix.)
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