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(Updated: August 31, 2012)
July 4, 2012

I’ve been a fan of Doc since I was a kid in the 70′s, and still have an entire bookshelf collection of Doc paperbacks. Like everyone else here, I had previously taken the original film with gritted teeth and cursed the studio for missing the chance to make a truly genre-topping serial adventure film years before “Raiders”. I’ve now watched this version and it’s a jaw dropping experience by comparison with the original. Is “de-stupidified” a word? The transformation is amazing. Like the editor himself says, there are ultimately inescapable limitations built into the source material (until the day some crazy fan editor really goes nuts and replaces Monk completely with a CGI character), but he’s done astounding work with the material at hand. It’s hard to even believe the final big fight scene is made from the same footage. This was awesome. Thank you kindly, from another Doc fan!

Oh, and as others have said above, what it really feels like now is a good TV movie-of-the-week. Is it time to team up with Tranzor for one of his “TV Movie-ifications”? :D Personally, I would LOVE to see this edit start with a 1977 “ABC Friday Night Movie” intro and have some period commercial breaks. That would be some serious popcorn theater, there…
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