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FanMix March 17, 2018 6754
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Sinbad delivers on his promise! More suspense and more urgency, without over-using the split-screen or the clock. They're not gimmicks, they really enhance the experience. The film even could have had a few more split-screens in the final act. For added drama and to speed up moments that feel long-winded for a 2018 audience.

Video transitions are outstanding. The sparsely inserted clock and variety of split-screen enhances the viewing experience. On a projection screen the 720p resolution is soft but consistent.

As noted by Scribbler, the source audio has overly loud effects compared to the dialog. The edit does not mitigate that so I adjusted the volume frequently. The audio transitions work impressively well during split-screen.

Could the film improve even more? For my taste: yes. But this is already a compelling improvement on the original. For everyone who saw this in the '80s, watch this and enjoy an improved blast from the past. For everyone else, watch this edit and enjoy while marveling at the hairdos and sweaters of the' 80s.
Owner's reply January 01, 2019

Thank you for the very positive review Lapis! Agree on the softness of this 720p version, the original source isn't the best in terms of its HD upgrade but a little extra detail is lost in cropping the movie to 16:9 to facilitate the splitscreen. Agree too I would have liked to have added a little more split screen in the climax it had to be done quite surgically to avoid the action on screen becoming hard to follow or sometimes the audio created a big barrier or simply the locations of certain actors. All very valid points though sir! It was a fun experiment and theres a few other movies I think could fit the format well such as 'Speed' I'd love to see a similar edit from a fellow faneditor of that. Many thanks for taking the time to review.

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