Dick Tracy: Trueheart Edition

Dick Tracy: Trueheart Edition

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Dick Tracy: Trueheart Edition
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The comic strip detective finds his life vastly complicated while he is trying to battle Big Boy Caprice's united mob.
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A version of 'Dick Tracy' that's a little tighter, with more consistent characterization for Dick and Tess.
I love this movie, but it just drags and I wasn't happy that Breathless managed to get under Dick's skin or that Tess was bothered by some two-bit floozy. So, I had a few goals:
1. Tracy should not be moved by Breathless Mahoney's advances. He can be flustered by them. But not moved. Tracy is a man of honor and integrity, and he's with Tess.
2. Tess shouldn't try to "tie" Tracy down. She respects herself, and him, too much for that. And, she shouldn't be worried about Breathless. Tess is a confident woman, that doesn't get bent out of shape just because some floozy wants her man. He's her man. And she knows that.
3. Tighten the pacing. Where possible, cut shots / scenes that are repetitive, or just aren't needed, so that this thing can move a bit faster.
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TM2YC for their patience and help.
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Cuts and Additions:
- Added Custom Fanedit Warning, and Fanedit.org intro.
- Swapped Touchstone Logo for modern Walt Disney Logo. I just think it works better as a Disney movie.
- Moved first few title cards to be over picture instead of over black. (Pacing)
- Cut some small talk from the gambling scene. (Pacing)
- Cut Opera House transition. All it does is introduce Tracy's watch. (Pacing)
- Cut Opera House transition two. It just shows that Tracy is no-nonsense. Something we just saw in the warehouse. (Pacing)
- Cut Tess's slip about how Tracy could get married if he took a desk job. (Plot point removal)
- Cut a pointless beat before the Kid runs out of the diner. (Pacing)
- Cut a few pieces here and there from the Kid interacting with the Chicken Eating Guy Whose Name Escapes Me. (Pacing)
- Also, trimmed said guy's fight with Tracy. (Pacing)
- Trimmed Tracy's hesitation in responding to Sam telling him to come to the Southside Warehouse. (Pacing)
- Trimmed "I Want More" / Mumbles Interview. I hate losing anything with Pacino, but that sequence is just so long. (Pacing)
- Trimmed Tracy's walk to Mahoney's dressing room. (Pacing)
- Trimmed Tracy's talk with Mahoney to remove any rise she may have gotten out of Dick. (Plot point removal, Pacing, and an excuse to make a lame joke here)
- Trimmed Sam telling Tracy that Tess says the Kid's clothes stink. (Pacing)
- Cut Tess's line "Just don't ask me to like it." (Plot point removal)
- Trimmed some of Tracy's longing looks at Tess. (Pacing)
- Trimmed Mahoney's station visit. (Plot point removal and Pacing)
- Removed 88 Keys "I Always Get My Man" reprise. (Pacing)
- Trimmed the Big Meeting. (Pacing)
- Trimmed the Steam Room Shakedown. (Pacing)
- Cut Big Boy Threatening Fletcher. (Pacing)
- Trimmed Mahoney's visit to Tracy's apartment and Tess's return. (Plot point removal and Pacing)
- Trimmed 88 Keys's arrival at the City Car Park. (Pacing)
- Trimmed "Sooner or Later" montage. (Pacing)
- Cut Tess leaving town. (Plot point removal and Pacing)
- Trimmed Tracy saving Bug. (Pacing)
- Trimmed Big Boy's rant. (Pacing)
- Cut the Chief telling Tracy that Tess left town. (Plot point removal and Pacing)
- Trimmed "What Can You Lose" montage. (Plot point removal and Pacing)
- Cut Mahoney and Tracy meeting on the dock. (Plot point removal and Pacing)
- Moved Tess's kidnapping earlier. (Plot point removal and Pacing)
- Removed Tracy getting the fake note from Tess about meeting to talk. Now, he just goes to the flower shop to see if she's there. (Plot point removal and Pacing)
- Cut Tracy's arrival at the flower Shop. (Pacing)
- Trimmed "Back in Business" montage. (Pacing)
- Cut the Kid telling the Chief that Tracy is innocent. (Pacing)
- From the moment Tracy gets out of jail there are so many cuts and trims that it's almost impossible to list them all. And I'm too lazy to try. (Plot point removal and Pacing)
- Added faneditor credit to closing credits. (Vanity)
- Removed Touchstone Pictures credits and replaced them with Walt Disney Pictures credits.
- Removed closing Touchstone logo and replaced it with 90's Disney logo.
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Chew it, Al. Chew it.

Breathless 2

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Excellent edit. Radically improves the pacing to what should have been a classic. Well done.

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