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I thoroughly enjoyed this entirely different take on a flawed movie. Turning it into black and white is a great idea, but some shots could have benefitted from a higher contrast. The effect of the added Miles Davis music blew me away from the beginning, it works astoundingly well. As far as I'm concerned, all Elfman music could have been removed in favor of Davis' music. I consider Elfman's Batman to be one of the greatest scores of all time, but I never quite liked his music for Dick Tracy - especially the romantic stuff is downright appalling. I wonder if the editor would have gotten rid of all Elfman's music if that had been possible. I think a lot of noir movies don't have music during action sequences, an approach that might have worked for this fan-edit as well.
Getting rid of a lot of the overdone comic dialogue was a good idea as well, and executed flawlessly. Luckily Pacino's 'I'm getting a thought' during his last scenes was kept in - that one always has me in stitches. Too bad his silly silent laughing was kept in when he makes a phony call after he learned that he has been bugged - that could have been edited out as well.

Save for these small details I think this is a very enjoyable fan-edit that I prefer above the original. Well done!

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