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(Updated: February 18, 2024)
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I must admit that you surprised me with this edit, my friend.

I never thought that this movie should have been made. What was the point? It was almost literally a modernization of one of the greatest nightmare inducing thrillers of all time. I always thought it was a cashgrab. Poor choice of actors. I watched it once and said never again.

Then you decide to edit it. Seriously? I just had to see what you had up your sleeve. As much as I'm into music replacement and adds, I never considered that this movie could be enhanced by such. You have opened my eyes.

Some of your original choices surprised me but using "Lady in Red" by Chris DeBurgh in the shower scene is one of the genius music adds in fanediting. Damn! That is clever!

"Every Breath You Take"...well...that's very clever, as well. He's certainly stalking her, to say the least.

Using "Driver's Seat" to open things up sets the mood perfectly and damn! Ozzy and Randy to close it out? And the score replacement?

This is a perfect example of a fanedit literally saving a movie.

You made a believer out of me. I'm converted. I went from despising this movie to loving your edit. Excellent work! Thank you for sharing your art!

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