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Shorts January 18, 2009 3388
(Updated: September 26, 2012)
I did not care for this very much. The editing and sound are fine; however the basic plot was not conveyed well. The 2004 dawn of the dead footage does not match the other film sources and it should have been over dubbed (with better fitting music, no music or just something more atmospheric to fit), Instead you still hear the scenes somewhat uppity music.
I understand what the edits intentions were, I just do not think it was pulled off successfully. If the clips were arranged in a better order (like the news first, then Andy for a bit then back to the news, the end), and with some kind of better transition between the news and Andy then maybe. The switching between news footage and Andy kept making me think of a viewer just changing the channel on a tv. Great effort and idea, but not executed as well as it could have been – 2 stars
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