DF021: The Godfather Saga: Complete Novel For Television

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DF021: The Godfather Saga: Complete Novel For Television
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1972, 1974, 1977, 1990, 2012
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Brief Synopsis:
Imagine you're Francis Ford Coppola. The year is 1977. You're the director of one of the most successful franchises ever but your current project, Apocalypse Now, is in danger of being shut down for being over budget. What do you do? Capitalize on the success of your former masterpieces to raise funds for your future one, of course. And in doing just that, Coppola created a whole new experience for Godfather fans: The Godfather Saga.
To preserve.
Release Information:
Special Features
As a bonus, it includes the following extras:
- TV spots from the original broadcast (NBC)
- Alternate TV opening for the Godfather Part 3 (AMC HD 1080i)
- E!'s Godfather Anniversary Gala (45 minutes 1997)
- Entertainment Tonight's 1997 news report
- 25 Anniversary Godfather Collection trailer
Editing Details:
Also dubbed "The Novel for Television," The Godfather Saga tells the story of the first two movies in chronological order and includes 75 minutes of previously deleted scenes -- among them are Vito Corleone's first meeting with Hyman Roth and Sonny taking over the family after his father is wounded.

Now you can see this epic in honor of the 40th Anniversary of The Godfather. AMC aired The Godfather Saga all day (and then again all night) on Saturday, March 3, 2012. The best part? It was the world premiere of the saga fully restored and offered in HD. Consider it an offer any self-respecting Godfather fan shouldn't refuse.
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