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As a massive fan of the original and iconic series starter Alien, and the less thrilling but still enjoyable Prometheus, I was very excited to see how JobWillins could interweave the two stories.... Exceptionally well apparently. I love the fact that this edit is in black and white, while it was done out of necessities sake I think it adds a unique visual style to the scifi genre, which is usually bursting with colour or dreadfully dreary. The interwoven narrative, cutting back and forth between the Nostromos and Prometheus missions works flawlessly... Because the story cuts back and forth, we see the parrallels between the two missions and the characters that inhabit them. The subtle cuts and tweaks to Prometheus like, for instance, the reduction in showing the deaths in favour of implying them, works in the films favour. This is one of the truest Alien concepts I've ever had the pleasure of watching, it stays faithful to the lore and it brings out the finest qualities in Prometheus whilst also making it a truer Alien film as well.

Thank you so much for this amazing edit.

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