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Nice attempt to link Demons and Demons 2 into one grisly night. Both films bear similar structure (and director), though fans seem to feel D2 is the superior film. At two hours, it is longish for grindhouse territory, but once the teeth sink into place, viewers hold on for the ride.

Video - Demons is a dark film overall, beginning to end. D2 is book-ended brighter. At the beginning of the edit, switching between the two movies is noticeable. Distracting at times. That is to be expected. For me, the jumps from D to D2 were often jarring, whereas transitions from D2 to D were often brilliant. As the story progressed, both narratives fell into shadow so the cuts were not as stark. The film opened with damaged print effect, yet that disappeared. Thank you. As noted, very dark film - blacks solid.

Audio - Dubbed 2.0 channel which is what is on my DVD. Meaning Dubbed for you purists. Never good to begin with, the sound is acceptable. Sometimes you can understand the voice actors, sometimes not. Music stays a joyful, tacky reminder of an era. Editing well done throughout.

Narrative - As mentioned, gorehounds seem to prefer D2. Not me. I prefer the original. The story was fresher, the characters more sympathetic, the setting was inspired. D2 also had the kid, the unborn kid, goofy humor, and it seemed weighted down with commentary about television and viewing habits.

The flow is awkward, primarily in the beginning when differences between source light is apparent. Later, that is not so noticeable and the edit more entertaining. There are a lot - a lot - of characters to keep track of. In D1, you can’t predict resolutions for any, D2 is more meal-a-minute. There is a clash between suspense vs inevitability, which is how slasher films progressed in the 80s.

Enjoyment - Around the 30‘ point, the twin movies locked into sequence and this became really enjoyable. Demons is a must see for any true Horror fan, and Mikedrew has done a great job in slicing two into one. Grab this while you can, invite your friends, and turn off the lights.

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