Death Sentence

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1974 / 1982
Original Running Time:
93 / 88
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Brief Synopsis:
This is a two in one edit of Death Wish and Death Wish II.
The intention was to make a more powerful cut of both movies with some unrated footage that was cut from the original print. The attack on the housekeeper and the daughter in Death Wish II are restored (uncut footage from dvd source). I made this also a little bit more extreme in violence (slow motion) (sound effects).

Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
Death Wish:
- Alternative opening sequence from Death Wish the Crackdown
- Kersey on Hawaii with his wife is trimmed
- Dialogue is trimmed on Kersey's work
- Hospital scene after the attack of his wife and daughter is trimmed
- Funeral of his wife is trimmed
- Kersey entering police station is cut
- A lot is cut or trimmed at the work of Kersey
- There are some scenes cut with his son in law
- A lot of the Arizona trip is trimmed or cut
- Watching the house of Kersey by inspector Ochoa is trimmed
- Some Ochoa scenes are cut
- End scene on the airport is cut
- Some small cuts in the whole movie

Death Wish II:
- Alternative opening sequence of Los Angeles footage
- Dialogue is trimmed between Kersey and his girlfriend
- Going away with his daughter is a bit trimmed
- Boat scene with his daughter is cut
- The Attack on the housekeeper is fully restored
- The Attack and killing of the Daughter is fully restored, but somehow a little re-cut by me
- Kersey's girlfriend works on a radio station that is all cut. (it's only mentioned)
- Watching Kersey again by inspector Frank Ochoa is trimmed/ cut
- Again some scenes are cut of inspector Frank Ochoa
- Most scenes at the work of Kersey is cut
- Some small cuts in the whole movie

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