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February 13, 2009

Just had a chance to view this with a friend – we’re both Zombie fans and enjoyed the Dead Set series to a certain degree, but Patrick, the producer was somewhat of an annoying idiot, along with the Scottish bird he was locked in with….

So, Boon has cut this down to regular movie bitesize and thanksfully, thankfully removed the most irritating bits. No more Patrick taking a sh*t or having pointless conversations with the Scottish bird. Good. We don’t get the housemates talking random shite either. Boon has firmly placed the focus on Kelly and made her the central protagonist. We don’t even see the housemates now until Kelly makes her existence known to them – this keeps the focus on Kelly and makes it less of a Big Brother parody.

Removal of Patrick’s weaker scenes do all the more to strengthen his character, so well done.

Although my friend was chirping in the occasional – ‘I think there was a scene cut there’, this was no reflection on a harsh edit or a notable edit. He was recalling scenes that were missing and then we commented on how Boon was probably correct for removing them and has objective – because, the edit was perfectly seemless, there was no harsh audio or visual edits. This ran very smoothly.

Our only gripe with this was the picture. On my 26″ Acer flatscreen, the picture looked very washed out and looked like it had been brightened too much. The blacks were not true black, they were gray.

Sound quality was good however.

All in all, we were both very satisfied that Boon had constructed a cool, serious and well edited version of this series. My friend commented that he would buy Dead Set, but keep Boon’s edit inside it – “As he’d probably only ever watch that one anyway!”

I’ll give this 4.5/5 here, but 5 on the star-o-meter – it’s just the picture that’s not so good. But all in all Boon – another successful flick!
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