Dawn of Justice: A Snyderverse Miniseries

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2013 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018
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Brief Synopsis:
When the last survivor of an alien planet crash lands on Earth, his incredible superpowers cause a paradigm shift for the planets heroes.
Witness the story behind the formation of the most famous superhero team in comics history, the Justice League, as legends assemble to face threats the likes of which the world has never seen.
With the upcoming second attempt at a DC cinematic universe, I thought it would be nice to recontextualise the DC movies from the last decade as a complete and self-contained Justice League origin story more in line with how movie series were pre-2010.
I've tried to remove implications of a larger cinematic universe beyond normal worldbuilding, as well as trying to address common criticisms and my own issues with each movie.
Additional Notes:
I do intend to make subtitles for this edit, but due to its length that may not happen for a while.
Other Sources:
Music clips from Justice League (2001 cartoon) and Justice League Unlimited.
Special Thanks:
Special thanks to ArtIsDead, INIGHTMARES and bbghost for helping with the fanedit review process, and ArtIsDead making the poster and a new avatar for me. Thanks to Dirtycop1036 for showing interest in the In-The-Works thread and for giving me the idea to use AI voice cloning to tie up loose plot threads, and thanks to my wife for being patient while I obsess over this edit.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
Part 1: The Last Son of Krypton
-Man of Steel has been recoloured to looks less peaky
-Krypton intro is halved in length
-Jor-El's death is cut
-Zod being sent to the Phantom Zone is cut
-Zod's coup is presumed successful
-Title cards added
-Removed the word "Dicksplash" from the bus scene
-Bus scene is slightly shortened (Clark no longer hesitates)
-Removed questionable Pa Kent dialogue about letting children die and telling a random metallurgist that he found a new element
-Moved childhood bully scene to after the bar scene (where it belongs)
-Removed truck cruxifiction scene
-Removed excess sass from Lois Lane's dialogue
-Removed the early heat vision reveal to make the cauterisation scene more impactful
-Trimmed cauterisation scene
-Removed clunky exposition where I could
-Removed jumping scene because I feel it takes away from the first flight
-Removed tornado scene (Pa Kent now died of unkown cause)
-Removed awkward stare from the end of Clark's conversation with his Ma
-Removed toner joke for pacing reasons
-Added cliff-hanger cut to black with "You are not alone!"
-Removed IHOP

Part 2: The Man of Tomorrow
-Begins with the "You are not alone!" line that Part 1 ended with
-Removed the church scene
-Childhood bully scene is moved to Part 1
-Removed Lois' cultural insensitivity
-Removed some awkward long pauses in the desert
-Removed Feora checking Clark out
-Removed references to Zod being sent to the Phantom Zone (This might make it feel like the 'phantom drive' plot point comes out of nowhere but it basically does in the original, too)
-Trimmed ship escape for pacing
-Trimmed Smallville fight to remove most of the military stuff and make Clark's reactions faster
-Removed the "This man is not our enemy" scene
-Trimmed the "Release the world engine!" scene
-Trimmed the entire Metropolis sequence, mainly for pacing
-Added Bruce Wayne to Metropolis Sequence
-Recoloured BvS scenes to match MoS
-Moved drone scene to Part 3
-Added Bruce hating Superman cliff-hanger cut to black
-Removed IHOP

Part 3: The Caped Crusaders
-Opening credits sequence cut
-First two Batman scenes moved to the beginning to better lead on from Part 2
-"Are you a terrorist?" line removed from Lois' interview
-Jimmy Olsen's death isn't shown (Though he isn't shown to have survived)
-Removed the actual rouge combatants from the scene where people later complain about Superman being a rouge combatant
-Mercenaries aren't initially shown killing the terrorists, to make it more believable that the soldiers would think it was Superman
-Moved the discovery of kryptonite to directly after the hearing asking how Superman can be held responsible
-Moved Lex Luthor's introduction to directly after the discovery of kryptonite
-Made Lex's first scene the operatic hallway walk in an attempt to make him more menacing
-Jolly Ranchers scene is cut
-Swapped around some Clark and Bruce scenes to flow better
-Removed Man-bat nightmare sequence and Bruce Wayne whoring around
-Shortened Lex Luthor's speech at the benefit to make him less blatantly insane to the public
-Removed line implying Lex knows who Clark Kent is (I know he does, but he shouldn't be telling Clark that!)
-Moved Lex's confrontation with the senator to after the benefit
-Moved the prison murder and Lex approaching the wheelchair guy to directly after Lex's confrontation with the senator
-Removed the implication that Lex arranged the prison murder
-Moved Clark finding out about the prison murder to directly after the prison murder
-Moved Clark's phone call with his Ma to directly after finding out about the prison murders
-Removed Lois' scene with a random scientist woman
-Moved Lois' meeting with Swanwick to after Clark's call with Ma
-Moved the Senator asking Superman to the hearing to after Perry's line "No one cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman!"
-Removed the weird late night show gag from the start of the scene with Diana at the museum
-Made the drive decryption instantaneous
-Moved Bruce discovering the meta-human folder to directly after decrypting the drive
-Removed IHOP

Part 4: Wonder Woman
-Cut most of Diana's childhood
-This part begins with the bedtime story exposition
-Cut line referencing the Amazons' enslavement because it comes out of nowhere
-Cut line saying that men would destroy themselves "and us" because men destroying themselves should be bad enough for the guardians of mankind
-Cut a line from the end of the story to make it flow better
-Cut any reference to the sword, or hiding the fact that Diana is the Godkiller (In this version it's implied that Diana knows)
-Trimmed Diana's training for pacing
-Shortened the reveal of the Germans following Steve Trevor
-Trimmed the beach fight for pacing and to remove ugly CG models
-Tried to tie in the Amazon general jumping over the shield with her jumping in front of the bullet
-Removed or tweaked some of the jokes I didn't think quite worked
-Shortened the scene of Diana preparing to jump onto the tower
-Trimmed Diana and Steve's conversation on the boat
-Removed most of the cutaways to General Ludendorff
-Shortened Diana and Steve's arrival in London
-Removed the dress up montage
-Trimmed the Alley fight for pacing
-Shortened the meeting with the generals
-Removed the General saying that dying is "what soldiers do" when the whole reason they're so focused on making peace is to stop soldiers dying
-Removed the side characters' introductions
-Removed the second "war bad" scene that happens immediately after the first
-Removed the side character backstory scene
-Trimmed the no man's land scene for pacing
-Trimmed the fight in the town to remove side characters
-Trimmed the victory celebration to remove side characters
-Removed the Gala scene and the village being gassed
-Removed Ares from the finale
-Jumped back to the present immediately after the plane explodes
-Combined the intro and outro to better lead into the next part
-Removed IHOP

Part 5: Doomsday
-Part opens with the Knightmare sequence to ease viewers back in after Part 4
-Removed Superman's line referencing Lois' death (Presumably a set up for Justice League 2)
-Removed "FlashBack" scene after Bruce wakes up
-Flash's voice can be heard in the dream just before Bruce wakes up.
-Heavily edited the Batmobile chase scene to make Batman less lethal
-Moved Lois' conversation with the General to this part so that he doesn't just suddenly start supporting her right after blowing her off.
-Interweaved the scenes building up to the hearing to help build tension
-Trimmed the bomb exploding to make it more sudden
-Removed a shot that shows paramedics doing CPR on someone Batman has killed
-Cut a couple of lines from the scene of Lex Luthor unlocking the Genisis Chamber
-Moved the email sequence into Bruce's training sequence
-Heavily trimmed the email scene to make it feel less slow
-Removed the Sherpas trying to get Clark to bribe them
-Cut all of Lois' investigations post-bombing
-Cut the end of he Wayne Manor scene to lead directly into the suit reveal scene
-Removed the scene showing Ma Kent being kidnapped
-Minor trims in Lex's rooftop scenes
-Edited Clark's dialogue so that he is decided on killing Batman and doesn't try to reason with him
-Removed the cutaways showing the electrical storm around the ship
-Trimmed the Batman V Superman fight
-Combined Bruce's Man-Bat nightmare with the Martha scene
-Removed Batman straight up gunning down a bunch of goons
-Removed shot of goon crawling towards a grenade so you can sort-of say he wasn't killed
-Trimmed the joke at the end of the warehouse scene
-Trimmed Doomsday fight
-Trimmed the General's scenes and removed the ones after the nuke
-Removed all Diana's cutaways from the Doomsday fight to make Wonder Woman's entrance more impactful
-Removed trailer-bait shot of the three heroes standing
-Cut a lot from the ending, mainly just keeping the funerals and Bruce's monologue
-Cut the shot of levitating dirt
-Part ends with Steppenwolf reveal leading into the upside down painting
-Removed IHOP

Part 6: World's Finest
-Changed the aspect ratios of Aquaman and Justice league to 16:9 so that they match
-Recoloured Aquaman to match Zack Snyder's Justice League
-Trimmed and shortened the opening montages
-Trimmed the dialogue when Bruce meets Aquaman
-Shortened the women singing for Aquaman and Ma Kent at Clark's grave
-Cut the Wonder Woman in London scene
-Added the submarine sequence and bar scene from Aquaman
-Cut the Wonder Woman in London scene and replaced it with the Flash intro
-Moved up the scene of Bruce and Alfred talking about The Flash
-Added the summit scene from Aquaman
-Shortened a lot of the exposition between King Orm and King Narys
-Added the tsunami scene from Aquaman to serve as Mira's introduction
-Moved Steppenwulf's introduction back so it's towards the end of the part
-Cut one or two shots from the Amazon fight
-Added the scene of King Orm paying Block Manta
-Moved up Aquaman's conversation with Valco to set up his journey in the next part
-Moved the lighting the beacon scene to immediatly after Steppenwulf arrives at the power plant
-Added a cut to black cliffhanger when the beacon is lit
-Removed IHOP

Part 7: Gathering the Storm:
-This part starts with the janitor being kidnapped from STAR Labs
-Cut straight from Diana hearing about the lit beacon to her investigating it
-Added in Seppenwulf's conversation with Desaad that I moved from the previous part
-Added a short scene from Aquaman with AI generated dialogue to add context
-Added in King Orm giving Black Manta his armour from Aquaman
-Cut a shot of Darkseid looking weak from the exposition scene
-Shortened the scene of the King of Men burying his mother box
-Cut straight from Diana asking where the other metahumans are to her and Bruce watching the clips of them
-Shortened Bruce's awkward moment with Diana
-Shortened Victor's football flashback
-Removed Victor's mother talking to the principle
-Removed Victor's father at the hospital
-Removed victor spying on the single mother
-Moved Steppenwulf finding the location of the Atlantian Motherbox to later
-Slightly recoloured this scene to make it less grey
-Moved the scene of Lois being sad to the next part
-Added in Black Manta fight from Aquaman
-Recoloured the scene to better fit with the Justice league scenes
-Cut most of Mera's stuff from the Black Manta fight
-Editied Arthur and Mera's coversation on the boat to make it fit the plot
-Cut the scene of the parademon outside Victor's window
-Cut half of the jokes from Bruce meeting Barry
-Cut the extended Mercades advert from the middle of the film
-Cut Ryan Choi's prom joke
-Cut Arthur and Mera's conversation at the Stronghold
-Cut Steppenwulf's second call to Desaad
-Cut Gordon's awquard reaction to Cyborg
-Shorterned Gordon't reaction to everyone leaving
-Removed establishing shot in the tunnels
-Removed Alfred telling Bruce they're on striker's island
-Shortened the scene of our heroes jumping across a gap
-Removed Steppenwulf hesitating before grabbing his axe
-Generally trimmed the Steppenwulf/paradaemons fight
-Tried to give the Nightcrawler more of a reveal
-Removed Steppenwulf looking at the missile
-Removed Diana taking a long time to run from the flood
-Removed IHOP

Part 8: Apokolips
-Changed the aspect ratio to fit the previous parts
-This part starts with the sad Lois scene I moved from the previous part, and leads it into the Ma Kent conversation
-The Martian Manhunter reveal has been cut
-The part then leads directly on from where the previous part left off
-Shortened Silus' dramatic typing
-Cut the shot of Darkseid swaying Superman from Cyborg's premonition
-Made Darkseid's eyes red
-Made some changes to the Motherbox activation sequence
-Cut a line from Wonder Woman being a little to technical about the Motherboxes
-Cut Bruce telling Diana about his visit from the future Flash
-Cut a glory shot of the Justice League mid fight
-Cut Aquaman surfing on a Paradaemon
-Cut Batman and Wonder Woman staring at each other
-Made some changes to the 'make your own future' scene
-Cut Darkseid's coversation with Desaad
-Added the classic Justice League theme to the final glory shot
-Made some changes to the ending montage
-Cut the Lex Luther cliff hangar
-Cut the Knightmare epilogue
-Added the JLU theme to the credits
-Added the credits for all 5 movies
-Removed IHOP
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Lex Luthor's speech comparison

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Great edit, I highly recommend.

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Overall rating
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This is an excellent edit! Ultimately, it is still the Snyder DC universe, so there are story elements that just don't really come together with visuals being privileged. In this edit, I enjoyed especially Batman's reduced murderousness as well as the removal of Ares from the end of the Wonder Woman episode.

If you're looking to rewatch this universe of DC movies, this is definitely a strong edit to go for!

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(Updated: May 16, 2023)
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I feel this edit needs some work, what I would have done is this: Let it be the whole DCEU story, from Wonder Woman-Wonderwoman-84, then snyders trilogy, then Aquaman, then finally Aquaman 2? but conclude with the flash and heres why:

From what we know MOS & BVS have coliding timelines, & WW is in BVS making me think her story takes place all the way back in like WW1 time, then you have her 1984 story and a missing chapter, from 1984 to BVS so what you can do is just maybe have her two stories take place and then the Snyder trilogy, then Aquaman bc he learns to become Aquaman in JL, then end it with the flash when that releases, maybe as a post-credit scene put the flash trailer?

Look my main critiques are this, it's not in timeline order and I feel it's not well done enough. I really think you should seperate the files you send as 1 episode each and put the fan edit intros and title cards before it starts, maybe the WB logo too, because to me it feels like your watching this and just get plopped into MOS, I think you need to put title cards with timeline stamps: Like maybe do Wonder Woman's story in episodes so episode 1 would be called perhaps: A Goddess Emerges and then the year that takes place.

With all that said this is a good edit, I just think it needs some rearrangements! :)

I know my thoughts are convoluted, I'd be interested in working together, just let me know your thoughts. :)

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