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i love dune and had been after this version for a while.
so after getting my hands on this i watched it that night.
i love this edit but i loved the alternative redux more.
i love how this cut is closer to Davids version of dune more than the studios.
the only real problem i have with this edit is the quality is a little rough but you can only use what ever you have to work with.
this is a real solid edit and really improves the movie greatly, it defiantly taking a spot next to the alternative redux and kicking the theatrical cut off the DVD shelf.

thank you to PhineasBG for giving us the version of dune so meny people have waited for for so long and this edit was worth hunting down. tops job i loved it

highly recomended

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Owner's reply September 18, 2014

Thanks so much! I also love Alternative Redux, which came long after this edit. If people like this edit, they will LOVE Alternative Redux!

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