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David Gordon Green's Halloween
January 19, 2019    
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I was excited to see that someone had attempted an edit of the latest Halloween Re-Sequel. My sister and I rarely go to the theaters on account that there are very very few good movies in them now a days, but despite Danny McBride's involvement in the film, we were determined to see it on the big screen. Walking out of the theater I was partially impressed, as it was better in many ways than many of the sequels in regards to production value, though in regards to story line and characters, they could have done a lot better. And this is where I though that Danny McBride played a large role, but apparently this David Green character isn't the best script or character writer either as the script had a case of "this happened and then this happened, and then this happened" and so on, rather than "this happened because of this, and so because of that, this happened", and on that note, this movie not only assumes that part 2 through 6 never happened, but also that the original Halloween did not end as it ended.
Needless to say, for reasons unknown to man, The Supernatural Boogie man that can not be taken down, finds himself locked up in prison, and is about to be transported to another prison...
...on Halloween night, and traveling not far away from the town in which he used to live.

And so as one would expect, he escapes during the transportation process, and that scene was actually one of my favorite scenes from the theatrical cut as he kills a young boy, which to me only serves to make the killer all that more intimidating in a horror flick. Sadly though in this cut, that scene has been cut all together, which for me made the movie feel a little disjointed, as did removing the earlier introduction to the baby sitter, but it did not to the extent to where I could not follow along, and the transitions appeared to be seamless, though these changes did make it feel a bit more random than it felt in the theater.

As for the character moments that were left in, I guess we have to have them, though the characters are still annoying, just not as annoying because there was less of them.
Jamie Lee Curtis was of course fine, though she really didn't seem to have any reason to be in the movie, though I can of course see why she was in it, and her character did make sense, but sadly the focus was pretty much on everyone else, what they were going to were to the Halloween dance, and so forth.

Michael was fine, except too random. I guess it was fine to say that Jamie Lee Curtis' character wasn't his sister, but they should have made a connection between him and going back home as that seemed to be where he was drawn in the original Halloween and had only targeted Jamie and her friends because they just happened to be the first people he saw by his house early in the film. As it stands it is just completely random, and gives Michael absolutely no motive what so ever, which would be fine, if he did not appear to have the house as part of his motives in the original.

All that said, I still hate the film, but not because of the edit. The talent behind the edit was there, but the source material is just crap, minus a kill or two. None the less I give it a high score and suggest it to people who like this sort of thing. As for me, I'll stick with John Carpenter's original as well as Season of the Witch.

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