David Brent: An Office Manager

David Brent: An Office Manager
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The Office is one of my all time favorite comedy shows with Ricky Gervais performance as David Brent a real stand out performance. Since The Office Ricky Gervais movie career has been a little hit and miss so i wanted to edit both series and the xmas specials into three 60min episodes.

The edit focuses more on the merger of the two branches which was more of sub-plot in series 1. The edit focuses more of the antics that occur during the staffs working hours and removes all footage that takes place outside of work.
The concept behind the edit was as if the film makers went 'here you go here's over 5 hours of footage make/tell a story over 180mins.'
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  • DVD
  • DVD
  • Digital
Special Features
cast/special guest commentary track on episode 1
Cuts and Additions:
key cuts

removed Tim asking Dawn out from series 1
Donna no longer staying with Brent
Ricky no longer a temp but a regular worker
Donna / Ricky no longer having a relationship
Ray and Jude no longer recruit Brent to do business management seminar

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