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(Updated: July 21, 2017)
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I first saw Darkman as a first run theatrical with en exceedingly rowdy audience. Shouting at villains, cheering mayhem, really into payback and retribution.
This experience coloured my memories, causing me to overlook problems that were more apparent when I bought LD and DVD of the film.
Chief was director Raimi’s misuse of silliness and goofy behaviour.
MusicEd921 trimmed the nonsense and more.

Video - 1920 X 1080p. The black n white definitely adds to the 30s look the editor was striving for. Exteriors were sharp, interiors, especially Darkman’s warehouse laboratory were soft. Night time saturation was fine. There was one editing quibble I had in a preview, which the editor rectified. Editing is smooth throughout.

Audio - 160 kbps, 2 Channel AAC. No subs. There were music alterations and special effects added. Nicely done. Dialogue is clear. No audio problems that I could hear.

Narrative - Trims were minimal, so the plot changed little. The tone, however, differs greatly. By design, this edit brings to the fore the pulpy elements. Violence is toned down. The love angle, which was clunky to begin with, seems trimmed as well. The weird sequences when Westlake hallucinates are heavily truncated - to the better. This is a PG, popcorn experience. While violent, it should be OK for older children.

Enjoyment - Yes ... but ... this was a fun film, though not as dark as before. I think I would have preferred a rougher ride. That said, MusicEd921 was upfront is declaring this would be a pulpier, lighter version. He delivers.
Bad guys, Durant and Strack, still have voices too high to feel menacing.
An excellent version. And if you want action, yet want to avoid obscenities and gore, this is a great choice.

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