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This was a nice little fanedit but not my favorite B&W fan edits of pulp superhero movies like the phantom/the shadow strikes but I believe it's because those movies are more in the epic and adventurous scope which prefer and this movie here is a personal revenge story. This movie is technically a superhero movie in fact a good comparison to this movie would be the incredible hulk but it's more of body horror tragedy with gangster and vigilante themes from the 50's era which the movie does pay homage to those kinds of classic kinds of movies and this fan edit enhance the experience more than the original does. The movie does tone down some of the campy elements in the movie though you can still feel it like in the carnival scene to be consistent with the tragic themes in this movie and slim down the screen of the secondary villain who was the breakout character of the movie that even returns in the sequel in order to focus more on Darkman's personal journey.
Would fans replace this fan edit over the original movie? I doubt it as they probably do prefer and miss some of the scenes that were cut in this movie like the secondary villains' famous introduction but it is worth a watch just to see it not just in black and white which always helps when it comes to outdated SFX scenes but a movie that is more faithful to the classic pulp/horror movie that inspired the movie.

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