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TV-to-Movie February 02, 2013 6404
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i picked up the series for Dexter a while ago at one of those used media shops and haven't watched them yet. i decided to watch this edit first and was not disappointed by it. i wasn't lost at all, i didn't feel the scenes "jumping around" like other viewers did. i knew stuff was cut, but i didin't notice any change to the intended narrative.
the A/V quality was good enough for what looked like an SD avi file.
the video and audio editing for me was on point.
narrative, like i said, even felt like a standard three act movie. very tough to do in these tv-to-movie edits.
enjoyment, i loved it. what a great way to jump into this series. i should probably watch the full season 1 if i'm going to watch the other seasons, but a part of me feels like i don't even need to.
great work out of Adabisi . . . i also hope he some day finds time to hit the rest of the series (given he released this in '06, probably unlikely).

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