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September 4, 2010

This review is based on my opinions and my viewing experience. Nothing is meant as an attack. Spoiler warning.

AUDIO: Audio sounds great on my 2.0 system and i have yet to find anything to complain about here.
10 out of 10

VIDEO: The image quality is a bit pixilated, then again i used dvdrebuilder to get it to fit on a single layer disc, since boon gave image quality 10 out of 10 i am obliged to do the same.
10 out of 10

EDITING: I have watched this edit a few times now, NEVER once in those viewings has anything caught my eye as being off. Everything has been executed perfectly. 10/10

ENTERTAINMENT: This beast is too cool. Fun all around. A new way to look at it, and every time i watch it i find something different so that’s definetly saying alot.
10 out of 10

HOT DAMN 10 out of 10 all around. well done JORGE!

SIDE NOTES: THE DARK KNIGHT: RE-MIXED BY JORGE is a must see. you will be dazzled. If you haven’t watched it already, do yourself a favour and check it out.

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