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August 26, 2009

My friends were having a get together, and couldn’t decide on a movie… so I produced this DVD from my pocket, and we had a little screening party. 5 of us altogether, seeing your edit displayed with a very nice digital projector.

My 4 friends enjoyed the film… but from their comments I gathered that they enjoyed it mostly because they liked seeing scenes from Batman, and were unable to appreciate that this had a different perspective, they just thought of it as watching their favorite scenes in a different order.

I thought it was brilliant. Visually I was surprised to find that I preferred the black and white treatment to the original color. As for the order of scenes, I felt this was a novel solution to an overlong movie. In the original by the time I got to the end I was having trouble keeping track of where we had started out. Seeing cause and effect placed side-by-side in this chronology was a great experience for me.

It was an interesting effect of the non-chronological editing that it was very invisible that scenes had been cut. When we finished my friends had not even remembered Gordon’s “death.” Perhaps this was even *too* invisible for some, one of my friends remarked that the movie (referring to both yours and the original) was simply too long. She had not noticed at all that scenes were cut, let alone 32 minutes.
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