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April 19, 2009

Jorge had sent me a preview disc that was very close to a final version a short time back. This review (that I wrote at the time minus some other now expired information) is based on this preview version. I am aware however that not much of anything itself was changed in the final edit from the version that I saw:

I will be honest in that I had no idea what to expect. Right off the bat I knew I was in for something good.
when the film starts I did a double take but I knew it was setting things up for how this edit was going to be presented. Jorge's complete re-telling was brilliant. I also loved the use of black and white mixed with color. I do not have a 5.1 setup but the audio was perfectly balanced on my 2.0 down mix. The video quality of course was excellent with no hard cuts to be found

The story was very coherent and even if an individual has never seen the film before, by the time the edit is finished they will understand completely what they just have viewed.

The black and white mixed with color scenes were great, on occasion I was able to see some color that he did not want mixed in, but assuming there was no other way around it. It would happen every now and then with a frame or two (more noticeable when the joker crashes the party scene and you can see the flashes of his regular skin). Very minor and not distracting, but since this is a review, I did notice it

the layer break also was set well. I used pgcedit and img burn to burn my DL discs. It gave the best spot right before the officer riding with Gordon reveals his name and this is the tie-in with his wife at the hospital. It worked well. If it had been one second more that line would have been fucked by the break.

in short this is a completely alternate re-telling of this epic film and it was done extremely well

One of the better fanedits I have ever seen

10 out of 10—
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