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TV-to-Movie July 22, 2012 2147
July 18, 2008

This the final film in my Uncanny Antman marathon and color me impressed once again. This is a totally different beast though, as it attempts to shrink an entire TV season into a “movie.” I’m a Dark Angel fan, have been from day one and I actually really liked the second season. Flawed as it may be, I really dug the mythology of Manticore and the breeding cult, and thought Ames White was a great villain. I also really liked Alec (Jensen Ackles is why I started watching Supernatural). However, I didn’t care for the character of Joshua very much. Although he was a sympathetic character and I didn’t want to see him die (like Jar Jar Binks), he was also really annoying and, for the most part, useless. UA’s edit doesn’t attempt to chop this down into a movie per se, more an enjoyable season for Dark Angel fans. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this for the unitiated, as there are many things left unexplained, characters who appear out of nowhere and exit just as quickly and references to things that happened in Season One (or in episodes that were cut). That being said, the edit is never confusing and, especially for a 200 minute “movie,” it moves at a nice clip. UA’s editing is once again top-notch, of course. It would’ve been nice to see some montages (as cliched as they are), as they may have helped to fill in some of the gaps left by cutting so much material. I definitely had a blast with Children of the Revolution. It’s like a greatest hits collection of Season Two and, like all greatest hits collections, it may not be the most complete version of the story but it’s great for when you just want to rock out with your favorite parts. If you hated Season Two, or were just disappointed by it, then I highly recommend this cut. If you’ve never seen a single frame of DA, then this may not be the best place to start but I think you’ll still have a good time, nonetheless. And, hopefully, it will make you want to watch the other two seasons. Then again, if you’ve never seen DA then you probably don’t own the DVDs. And, if you don’t own the DVDs then why are you downloading this in the first place, hmmm?
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