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Well, hello Uncanny Antman!
Let's start by saying I grew up with "Daredevil"'s theatrical cut, him being one of my favourite superheroes and one of my favourite characters growing up and to this day. But, time has helped me realise, how the film actually was flaw filled. The "Director's Cut" makes the film one of the best out there in its genre, for the most part, and I really think if it were released as it was originally intended it would be widely considered one of the best superhero films. The story serves justice, has depth under almost all perspectives, the acting is good, the action good, except specific scenes we know about, Graeme Revell's music cues are particularly good and so is the direction, which can, though, sometimes feel cheeky. What irritated me of the director's cut was, though, the wire work, which is overused and "floaty", as the fan editor calls it, and some computer generated imagery which was bloated at times.
I, out of curiosity, really, watched your fan edit of "Daredevil", "Daredevil: The Man Without Fear" and was overwhelmed by how much the film could actually be much, much, much, much better! Like, now, really Good! Good with a capital G. I loved how all, every little, minimal aspect was payed attention to, from continuity on all scales, to development, to little details in one shot, but most importantly: narrative importance. And by that I mean you gave weight where it was needed, adding it where it was less. This makes "Daredevil: The Man Without Fear" one of the greatest superhero films out there. Furthermore, the stuffed ending is gone, and in its place a brilliant, round-up which brings the story to a closure, with a warm, heart-felt smile toward the future for Matt Murdock.
I would like to add I was stunned by your ability as a music consultant: all the choices of music were great. The human break between Elektra's death and Karen's contribution, with which eventually the Tazio case is solved and that brings Daredevil face-to-face with Daredevil is one of the best things to happen to the storyline. I also would like to touch upon the seemless edits and tweaking of music, all of which for the best. The film never felt rushed, the action always feels deserved, and nothing ever feels gratuitous or called upon, rather deserved. I would finally like to add I saw this the first time when I downloaded it and in a week I think I saw it more than three times.
I would not have the edit one bit different, but would love an extended edition where Quesada's assassination is showed, without his trial. This would maybe give more weight to the theme of Daredevil coming to ask himself if he really isn't the bad guy. Also, if possible another short scene with Elektra and Matt would be nice, perhaps a short conversation before and excluding the park fight?

In conclusion, this is probably one of the best fan edits out there and my personal favourite of the few I have seen, also thanks to the original material, with which, as I have said, I have grown up with. This is the definitive version of the film, and will change your mind about the film if you thought you didn't like it! Watch "Daredevil: The Man Without Fear" and you will beyond love it!

P.S. The cover and DVD are pluses. Stunning!

-- Canon Editor

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