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With this being my second exposure to the awesome works of Uncanny Antman, following on from T3 the Coming Storm, this edit is as slick as they come.

The origin/prologue sequence is beautifully done, as are the opening credits. The restructuring of the narrative is to dramatic effect and feels as though it should have always been this way. There are perhaps a few transitional scenes missing but this can't be helped and thankfully it doesn't leave the film feeling choppy. I love how the relationship between Matt and Foggy plays out. The directors cut did this well also but everything was too padded out. Action sequences are wonderfully edited to appear more realistic and thank goodness the worst of the CGI is gone.

Some reviewers have commentated that the removal of Daredevil's fight with Bull's Eye leaves the ending feeling a little hollow. I didn't have this problem as it puts all the focus on Matt's loss and him tracking down the Kingpin.

My only complaints and bear in mine these are minor. The film has a slightly depressing vibe. Possibly as a result of one too many humorous moments removed and some soundtrack choices. The Terrance Stamp cameos seem unnecessary and I'm not at all keen on the post end credits sequence. The subtle ending with Matt pondering over the charm was a nicer way to end things.

Overall though this is a fantastic fan edit and now replaces the Director's Cut as my go to version.

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