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Danny Cannon's Judge Dredd
July 19, 2013    
(Updated: February 21, 2018)
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This is my first TM2YC edit and I know its one of his older ones but I was very curious to see what he had done with this as the original is still a guilty pleasure of mine even with its goofiness. It goes without saying Dredd 2012 is far more in keeping with the source material but TM2YC has done a great job here of cutting away the chaff that doesnt fit the Dredd tone.

I really liked the info reel at the start about Danny Cannon and the new comic scrolling intro. The extensive cut list did mean I noticed a few cuts here and there where the audio faded a little quicker than normal where the score got in the way but considering how much is cut I would imagine thats pretty unavoidable and it didn't detract from the experience at all. The only other thing that stoodout a little that I was watching a fanedit rather than a studio pic was seeing Danny Cannons directorial credit and no-one elses but given the title of the edit hardly a criticism either. Most importantly it sets out to make Dredd 95 more like its source material and it acheives that in spades. 2000AD Comic fans no longer need to Dread watching the 95 version.

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