Danny Cannon's Judge Dredd

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Danny Cannon's Judge Dredd
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"NO romance, NO friendship, NO learning... LESS Rob Schneider"
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Brief Synopsis:
This edit attempts to take 1995's 'Judge Dredd' closer to what might have been if Director Danny Cannon had been given total creative freedom. Without the interference from his producers and his mega-star Slyvester Stallone, could we have got a real Dredd movie that reflected the tone of the source material? Could it have been more like 2012's awesome 'Dredd'? Let's find out!
My intention was:

1. To cut Stallone's performance as Dredd in a way that brings him inline with the Dredd from the comics. Almost every shot showing any emotion beyond anger is gone, his silly catchphrase is gone and of course his romance with Hershey is entirely removed.

2. To cut Rob Schneider's character down a minimum since he essentially destroys any tention that the film is building. He constantly makes light of what are supposed to be life-threatening situations, he is generally loud and annoying, he pulls stupid faces and waves his arms around... in short, he is the Jar-Jar Binks of this movie.

3. To restore Manic Street Preachers' 'Judge Yr'self' to it's proper place as the finale music for the film.

4. To generally make the tone more serious while still keeping the action fun.
Additional Notes:
My intention was never to remove every frame of Rob Schneider at the expense of continuity. He now serves a purpose and that is to be an irritant for Dredd. If he speaks Dredd shoots him an angry look, this helps make Dredd's character more aggressive. He also ultimately proves useful in the end.
Other Sources:
Judge Dredd Blu-Ray
Judge Dredd CD Soundtrack
Manic Street Preachers - Lipstick Traces CD Compilation
Colin MacNeil comic artwork circa the early 90s
Special Thanks:
Thanks to all those on the DCJD thread who gave their feedback and previewed clips and workprints.
Release Information:
Special Features
Trailer, DC's original poster, artwork, cutlist and featurette included.
Editing Details:
General Cutlist:

- Slightly de-saturated, darkened and increased the contrast of the image throughout. The look is now more gritty and sombre while the Judge's costumes look less like blue-spandex
- Removed almost every shot of Stallone's face that showed internal conflict, sadness, happiness or any emotion other than barely suppressed anger
- Removed Hershey/love subplot, they're like Cop partners... that's it (NO KISS!)
- Removed as much Rob Schneider as I believe is possible without causing continuity/narrative problems. However, I have retained many instances when he says something annoying and then Dredd gets angry with him (Dredd getting angry is good for the movie!)
- Removed all footage of Rob Schneider making light of the supposedly dangerous situations he is in. Including being shot, burned alive, murdered, eaten by cannibals and worst of all, joking around while he's critically inured from a gunshot wound to the stomach. Schneider's antics destroy the tension in all those moments.
- Stallone's heavily repeated "I knew you'd do/say that" catchphrase removed (He now says those words once only)

Total 130 major changes
Cuts and Additions:
Detailed Cutlist:

00.00.oo TM2YC ident added
00.00.10 Added brief pre-movie introduction to the edit featuring Danny Cannon's own artwork
00.01.34 Removed 'Hollywood Pictures' and 'Cinergi' idents (Still name checked seconds later anyway) so we start straight into the 'Judge Dredd Comic Gallery' titles
00.02.04 Removed Stallone's excessively large name check and replaced it with a re-coloured red 'Judge Dredd' logo (Timed to the same music sting)
00.02.11 Replaced blurry backing shot for James Earl Jones' spoken introduction with a montage of Colin MacNeil's Dredd artwork from the early 90s timed to illustrate the words
00.03.10 Entire 'Fergie back from Aspen' sequence removed (Up to riot)
00.03.13 'Council of Five' crisis meeting brought forward (To open the movie)
00.04.39 Block Riot sequence re-cut to remove cab landing, titles and Fergie
00.04.44 Taxi "Take caution..." alert dubbed over the riot like an omnipresent yet ironically ineffectual broadcast by Justice Department
00.04.53 Corridor shot shortened to remove all credits except Danny Cannon's (Plus distant sounds of the riot dubbed on)
00.05.22 Fergie's "This guy... he's funny" line removed
00.05.27 Fergie's "Maybe I should go to a hotel" line removed
00.05.30 Punk's "No way man" line removed
00.06.40 Cheesy slowmo shot of Dredd riding through fire removed
00.06.53 Brisco's "Holy Crud" line and footage brought forward to cover Dredd Codpiece closeup
00.07.33 Fergie's "Why don't I run down there and surrender... bad idea" line removed
00.07.40 Dredd's "I knew they'd do that" line removed
00.10.09 First shot of Punk reaching for a gun cropped out
00.10.13 Second shot of Punk reaching for a gun cropped out
00.10.15 Third shot of Punk reaching for a gun cropped out
00.10.19 Punk screaming and going to shoot Dredd removed so Dredd just executes him in cold blood
00.12.26 Hershey's "I knew you'd say that" line removed
00.12.27 'Halls of Justice' establishing shot added (Re-used, Re-coloured, flipped and cropped shot from meeting scene)
00.12.31 First shot of TV report removed so we cut straight to Dredd
00.14.29 Establishing shot of Aspen cropped to remove ugly on screen text
00.18.09 Malfunctioning flying Lawmaster sequence removed
00.19.56 Hershey's "No I don't think that's right... no one is supposed to be alone all the time. I mean has that really what it's been like for you" line removed (Plus footage of Dredd listening)
00.20.20 Very slightly trimmed the look Dredd gives Hershey
00.24.33 Shortened the gap between Vardis saying the words "Judge" and "Dredd" so it actually sounds like one sentence (As was obviously intended originally)
00.24.39 Removed two shots of Rico leaving the Vardis apartment so it is less obviously a frame
00.25.50 Dredd's "How do you plead?" and "I knew you'd say that" catchphrase exchange removed
00.25.53 Shot of Perp's fourth-wall breaking scream of "Nooooooooo!!" removed
00.29.29 Olmeyer shouting "Yes!" and three shots relating to it removed
00.29.35 Dredd's smirk and sarcastic "Very" line removed
00.29.36 Hershey's "You Owe me" line, Dredd's reaction and McGruder's "Very Well" line removed
00.31.04 Reaction shot of Fargo brought forward a few seconds
00.31.05 Dredd's infamous "It's impossible, I never broke the law, I am the law!" line removed
00.31.06 Shot of Fargo holding his head in his hands removed
00.34.52 Hershey's "I let you down" line removed and Griffen dubbed over the top
00.34.53 Shot of Dredd looking at Hershey and "You did your best Hershey, thank you" line removed
00.34.54 Reaction shot of Hershey removed and shot of Dredd looking at Griffen brought forward
00.40.23 Fergie's sniggering removed
00.40.49 Three shots showing Dredd's dawning realisation of the error of his ways and Fergie mocking Dredd removed
00.42.10 Fergie's "Dredd what's happening?!" line and excessive squealing removed
00.43.22 Footage of Judge Hunter murdering Pilot removed
00.43.38 Fergie's "Am I dead? Am I dead? I'm dead" line removed
00.44.48 Fergie's "Excuse me, we're not together" line and Angel Gang cackling removed
00.44.58 Fergie's first "Hi!" line removed
00.45.00 Fergie's second "Hi!" line removed
00.45.27 Dredd's "And of course... scumbags" and Fergie's "Oh that'll win 'em over" lines removed
00.46.11 Fergie's "Go tell it on the mountain" and Dredd's "Fergie" lines removed
00.46.24 Fergie sniggering removed
00.46.40 Fergie's "No wait you can't eat me, I've got eczema, I've got warts, I've had Gonorrhea, eat Dredd, he works out" line removed
00.47.07 Dredd's bizarre off camera call of "Guilty" removed
00.47.12 Fergie's reaction to Dredd shooting Link removed
00.47.21 Three shots of the ridiculous Pa Angel charge removed or trimmed
00.47.25 Another Fergie reaction shot removed
00.47.31 Shot of Fergie panicking removed
00.47.50 Close up emphasising the ridiculous size of Dredd's gun and another Fergie reaction shot removed
00.47.55 Shot of Fergie dusting himself down removed
00.47.57 Fergie's "Dredd look out!" line brought forward and re-dubbed
00.47.58 Fergie and Dredd's super annoying exchange about crying entirely removed
00.48.27 Fergie's "Not again" line removed
00.48.41 Brief shot of Dredd hitting Mean and Fergie's reaction removed
00.48.42 First few frames of Dredd's hit given a "Camera Shake" to emphasise the impact
00.49.07 Dredd's "I knew you'd say that" line removed
00.49.49 Very minor trim to picture analysis shot
00.52.31 Dredd's "My whole life is a lie" line removed
00.54.03 Fergie's "Whata we do?" and Dredd's "Find Rico" lines removed
00.56.54 Fergie's "We can't just knock on the wall and say, hello Cursed Earth pizza" (Contender for worst line)
00.57.17 Shot of Fergie's stupid gurning face removed
00.57.18 Fergie's "Maybe we should consider other theories... Dredd!" line removed
00.59.10 Fergie's and Dredd arguing outside the wall scene stripped down the bare frames essential
00.59.17 Dredd saying sorry to Fergie dialogue removed
01.01.02 Fergie's "I'm lost, is this the bathroom" line and Judge's double-take removed
01.01.01 Fergie's "Hey, hey, why are you taking off his clothes? We don't have time for this" line removed
01.01.10 Shot of Dredd giving Fergie an angry look re-dubbed with Fergie dialogue
01.01.36 Fergie giving away Dredd's identity removed
01.02.25 Dredd's "Cover your ears" line removed
01.03.02 Fergie's "Dredd tell them I'm innnocent" line and paniced closeup removed
01.03.19 Fergie's "Your alot of fun to be with Dredd, d'you know that?" line removed
01.03.20 Additional music mixed in to cover a brief gap in the score
01.03.29 Dredd's "Hope it works" line removed
01.03.31 Fergie's "What is wrong with this piece of shit, ahhhhhh, shiiiiit" line removed
01.03.32 All footage of Lawmaster failing to start removed
01.03.38 Footage of Lawmaster free falling removed so the bike flies straight out
01.03.39 Fergie's "Dredd, make it work, ahhhh, Dreeeedd" line removed
01.03.43 Fergie's "Dredd you may want to wash this seat after we get off the bike... sorry" line removed
01.03.47 Footage of Fergie looking alarmed to see them being followed removed
01.04.03 The whole 'Fergie trying to Ride shotgun' sequence removed
01.04.28 Fergie's "Dredd you can drop me off here" line and some of the over sped-up chase footage removed
01.04.39 Terribly slow shot of Lawmaster crashing and exploding removed
01.05.15 Two shots of Fergie screaming removed
01.05.21 Botched FX shot of Dredd and Fergie being killed in a fireball removed
01.05.35 Fergie's "She's definitely not getting her cleaning deposit back, I mean that's for sure" removed
01.05.40 Dredd's angry reaction to Fergie's "It doesn't pay to be one of your friends Dredd" line cut much closer
01.05.42 Fergie's "Sorry" line dubbed over Dredd's angry look
01.06.26 Dredd's "I would never do anything to hurt you Hershey... you know that" line removed
01.07.24 Added establishing shot of Hershey's apartment (Re-used, Re-coloured, flipped and cropped shot from earlier)
01.07.25 Fergie's "I tried dialing everything I could think of to find this Janus thing, it just isn't in the program, nowhere" line dubbing over establishing shot
01.07.26 Dredd and Hershey getting touchy-feely on the bed scene and Fergie's joke about the microwave removed
01.07.58 Hershey's "Dredd, that's twice you owe me" line and shot of Dredd 'checking Hershey out' removed
01.09.29 Fergie's "Granted you do most of the work but we're still a team" and Dredd's "I can handle it kid" lines removed
01.10.42 Rico's "How romantic" line removed
01.10.56 Dr Hayden's "He looks alot like you", Rico's "He is alot like me" and Dredd's "I'm nothing like you" lines removed
01.11.14 Rico's "Send in the clones" pun removed
01.11.51 Dredd jumping in fear when the clone wakes up removed
01.13.09 Rico's infamous "Laaaawwwwwww" scream removed
01.14.21 Fergie's "Boy is he pissed" line removed
01.15.49 Hershey's "Judge bitch" line removed
01.16.40 Dredd's "I'll be the judge of that" line removed
01.18.15 Hershey's "That's three times now Dredd" line removed
01.18.58 Fergie's sarcastic "Ahhhh I'm dying, I'm too young... 'scuse me" line removed
01.19.19 Hershey kissing Dredd removed
01.19.20 Fergie's "Tell you the truth I'm prob'ly a much better kisser" line removed
01.19.24 2nd half of the kiss and Dredd staring longingly into Hershey's eyes removed
01.19.27 Hershey's "Feels good to be human, don't you think" line removed
01.19.28 Dredd's "I knew you'd say that" line and him holdig hands with Hershey removed
01.20.01 Partial reprise of James Earl Jones' monologue dubbed over the final shot
01.20.10 Added 'Judge Yr-Self' by Manic Street Preachers as the credits role (The song was not included in the original soundtrack due to Richie Edwards sudden disapperance)
01.20.14 Several new credits inserted including a big nod to Dredd's creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Such was the disrespect that in the original cut their credit appears in small print at the very end
01.20.43 Original credits roll as normal
01.23.01 The cure's 'Dredd Song' plays over the rest of the credits
01.26.28 My own custom made 2000AD ident added to the end
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE) image

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Loved this version so much! It's better than the original with all its goofy moments. Amazing job!

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This edit does an amazing job of rescuing a bland movie, and bringing it closer to the 2012 "Dredd," this edit helps set things right, as little Schneider as possible, Dredd not showing any emotion and loads of tweaks and edits that change the overall viewing experience. It's now more exciting and I felt I could enjoy the film without being bored or annoyed by additional nonsense.
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(Updated: September 12, 2019)
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This edit is the fanedit that won me to the genre! It does an amazing job of rescuing a bland movie, and bringing it closer to the 2012 "Dredd," which -- on a tiny budget -- nailed it.

The 1994 Stallone "Judge Dredd" movie was, to say the least, a massive misfire. It ditched a lot of the core mythos that made the Dreddverse interesting. It tried to lighten the mood using Rob Schneider. And it ended up with a generic, not-very-good and not-very-bad future cop movie, barely memorable at that. This, despite a massive budget. It got nowhere, irritating fans but too bland to attract other audiences, despite the star power of Stallone.

The universe of Dredd is a mixture of grimdark and plain old strange: it is a dystopian urban future with 90% unemployment, tower blocks of up to 100,000 people each, mega-cities of up of to 800 million each, school subjects like Unemployment ("what are you going to do, when you have nothing to do?"), profound alienation, celebrity culture and TV as the main influencers, and society held together by a police state of Judges. The Judges come to power (in the former US, at least) through a coup d'etat by the Justice Department, in a world ending in nuclear war; they are empowered to execute on the spot; are inflexible and zero-tolerance, this including jailing people for unlicensed gold fish, littering and suicide ("self-homicide"), and reading anything from the 20th century, such as celeb news on the "Dallas" TV show and the Dredd/ 2000AD comics; there are no juries, no appeals, no lawyers, no apologies. Judges make up around half of the employed, may not marry or have kids, and live (in the later stories) in chapter houses or precincts, a sort of monastic knighthood imposing The Law. There is no free speech, the Mayor is a figurehead, there is an official ban on pre-Judge history, ongoing purges of mutants and aliens by the state; pro-democracy protesters are massacred or lobotimised. A lot of crime is extremely brutal and most of it is completely pointless "("I was bored") or a revolt against the misery.

Within this grimdark world, though, a lot of the stories are satirical, humorous or philosophical: is the system fascist? is the system a model we should emulate? is democracy workable? why does society love a man whose hobby is to grow the biggest nose in history and have his own TV show? In one story, where a gang smashes cleaning robots and takes over the job of mopping floors: "I'm ... I'm working! Actually working!" Dredd, the titular character, is The Law, literally: the most incorruptible cop, inflexible, without a personal life; he does not even have a face (well, its never shown, ever, he is always helmeted); he's a clone of one of the founding Judges, literally bred for The Law. He is, though, reflective: in a notable arc, he begins to doubt whether it is correct to crush the pro-democracy people, and pushes for a democratic referendum (most people, in the end, don't bother to vote, having no interest in the issues, and of the voters, most want the Judges); in another story, he sentences the mopping gang to 10 years hard labour ("Thank you, Dredd! I don;t care what people say, you do have a heart!")

And then ... we have the Stallone "Judge Dredd": Dredd is now an odd cop, a Dirty Harry outlier rather than the exemplar in a world where Dirty Harry would be seen as a bit soft on crime; his sentencing of crime in the movie is emotional and nuts e.g. blowing up a car for a parking offence, rather than jailing the perp for defying The Law; there is, bizarrely, a free press that calls out the Judges and gets Dredd fired; we have juries and lawyers, which undermines the entire premise of the Dreddverse and the rationale for the Judge system; laws are bent as personal favours and through trade-offs, as at Dredd's sentencing; Dredd is an arrogant blowhard, rather than a humorless cypher; there is romance in the ranks, as with Dredd and Hershey; we see Dredd's face every possible chance; and we have Schneider all over the place. There is no sense of the larger social context: if you were not a fan, you would probably not know that this is a society held together by terror and TV, a harsh dictatorship in a decaying city, leaving with the impression that its a recognisable future, albeit one where cops are a bit more militarised than today, and have cool flying bikes. And here, Dredd-gets-the-girl-with-a-smooch-and-visits-her-apartment replaces the reality that Dredd-and-Hershey-live-in-barracks-and-would-get-sent-to-a-gulag-on-Titan-for-smooching.

This edit helps set things right, with a proper introduction, no wisecracking (or smiling,, or even hinting at a smile) on the part of Dredd, as little Schneider as possible, the Dredd/ Hershey romance gone, and loads of tweaks and edits that change the mood, the narrative, the characterisation, and remove the most jarring inconsistencies with the lore ... and a film you can watch and enjoy, not just as a fan of Dredd.

As the pitch for the fanedit says: "No romance, no learning, no friendship, and less Rob Schneider."

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Owner's reply September 12, 2019

Hey thanks for the thoughtful review Dingo. I really enjoyed reading that and your summation of what makes Dredd tick is dead on. "a world where Dirty Harry would be seen as a bit soft on crime" :-D

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(Updated: February 21, 2018)
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This is my first TM2YC edit and I know its one of his older ones but I was very curious to see what he had done with this as the original is still a guilty pleasure of mine even with its goofiness. It goes without saying Dredd 2012 is far more in keeping with the source material but TM2YC has done a great job here of cutting away the chaff that doesnt fit the Dredd tone.

I really liked the info reel at the start about Danny Cannon and the new comic scrolling intro. The extensive cut list did mean I noticed a few cuts here and there where the audio faded a little quicker than normal where the score got in the way but considering how much is cut I would imagine thats pretty unavoidable and it didn't detract from the experience at all. The only other thing that stoodout a little that I was watching a fanedit rather than a studio pic was seeing Danny Cannons directorial credit and no-one elses but given the title of the edit hardly a criticism either. Most importantly it sets out to make Dredd 95 more like its source material and it acheives that in spades. 2000AD Comic fans no longer need to Dread watching the 95 version.
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