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TV-to-Movie July 15, 2012 1391
(Updated: August 29, 2012)
blueyoda may 20 2012

This was a LOT of fun. I had enjoyed Bionicbob’s previous effort, Cyborg – The Retro Con cut; but as an origin movie it had felt a bit long winded and seriously lacked action. This one is quite the opposite and thrilled me from beginning to end; it’s everything I remember about the Six Million Dollar Man from when I was a kid, and everything a escapist action adventure movie should be.

This one’s got it all: evil masterminds, cyborgs, weapons of mass destruction, bionic feats, kidnapping, submarines, beautiful women (rawr Lindsay Wagner) and much, much more!

As for the DVD itself, the menu’s simple but very nice and animated; the image quality is top notch and I didn’t sense at any time that this was a three-parter edited into a movie. Excellent editing job.

All in all, a great treat for us older gentlemen who fondly remember that show; or a great way for a younger audience to discover one of the greatest sci-fi shows of the 70′s!

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