Cyborg IV: Beware of the Sasquatch

Cyborg IV: Beware of the Sasquatch
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100 Minutes
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90 Minutes
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10 Minutes
Brief Synopsis:
The Bionic Bigfoot returns! When civil war erupts between the San Angelo Aliens, Colonel Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers must team up to stop the renegade aliens from causing a global cataclysm on their way to world domination. But to stop the evil aliens, they must first defeat The Savage Sasquatch!!!

Bionic Bob recuts the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman two part season opener "The Return of Bigfoot" into a single, slam-bang-slo-mo-pow, pure 1970s tv action adventure movie.
My intent was simply take the first official cross over/team up adventure of Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers, and recut it into fun, crazy-even-by-1970s-standards, campy adventure movie.
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Cuts and Additions:
--cut the 1970s swing/spin scene transitions throughout the SMDM episode
--revised opening credits
--created new freeze frame title card "The Savage Sasquatch"
--removed all commercial breaks
--cut "you really couldn't hurt Shallon".... keeping the badguys bad... lol
--cut bionic gag of Steve creating an anttenna out of a fire poker for Gillian wristcom. Really? They are aliens who travelled light years to Earth and can build a bionic bigfoot but they have lousy radio reception? LOL!
--added a new establishing shot of Sasquatch approaching the nuclear research facility
--cut the line "I am Col. Steve Austin" to security guards, as though that explains why he broke into a top secret building
--couple of continuity trims to second Bigfoot fight
--cut cliffhanger ending
--cut BW opening credits
--insert new establishing shot of villain volcano base to replace "meanwhile in Mexico" title card
--a couple of pacing trims to Jaime's first encounter with Bigfoot
--removed Gillian reaction shots during Jaime and Shallon's conversation
--fixed slight continuity gaffe after Jaime escapes from cell
--slight trim to Steve and Bigfoot's jungle fight
--cut Jaime radioing Steve for help when being chased by badguys, makes Jaime too much of a damsel in distress.
--cut all lines about the alien mothership returning in 100 years to align continuity with the bonus episode in which Steve states he saw the aliens depart
--cut Steve and Jaime's final lines about the temptation of waking up in a new century, as Lee Majors delivery sounds completely bored with a simple "Yeah" response....LOL!

Bonus Episode:
Cut from 50 minutes to 25 minutes, completely removed the subplot of two bungling hunters trying to capture Bigfoot.
Cover art by Rogue-theX (DOWNLOAD HERE) image


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I fondly remember watching The Six Million Dollar Man as a kid, as well as the Bionic Woman. Bionic Bob obviously has passion for these 1970s classic TV shows, and in this edit, his editing talent clearly shines throughout.


Given that the source material is from the 1970s and is 4:3 interlaced, I don't see any real criticism to be leveled here. It of course doesn't look great, but that's pretty much to be expected.

As a side note, which has nothing to do with the the editor's work, I do find it interesting that the outdoor scenes look significantly better than the indoor ones. I'm assuming this is due to the fact that better lighting in an outdoor location improved the quality of the image; as this was 1970s TV, I doubt the quality of the video cameras was that great; it's not like today where many TV shows are on par quality wise with Hollywood movies.

At any rate, I have no problem with the faithfully reproduced 1970s TV quality. :-)


Bob did a fantastic job combining these two separate episodes into one seamless experience. All of his edits listed were also seamless to my eyes. Excellent work!


I really only had one issue with the audio, and that is (at least to me) it seemed that the audio level of the Bionic Woman episode was slightly louder than the Six Million Dollar Man episode. I think it would have been nice to try and equalize the sound across the episodes. However, this change was really only noticeable when we moved from one episode to the other, which only happened twice (I think) -- once in the "middle" and once at the end for the final credits. So all in all, not a big deal. In all other aspects, the audio editing seemed flawless to me. Again, great work!


The story was clear and without any plot holes. I appreciate the edits Bob made as they all improved the story in the way he intended them to.


I must confess, these episodes are not my favorites. I kind of feel like there just wasn't a lot of plot, and thus the story seemed to drag (for me).

There was a lot of repetition, such as the bad guy telling Sasquatch to attack…over and over…and always having to threaten him in the exact same way to get him to actually do his bidding. Plus, I felt a bit let down that Steve seemed to be no match for the Sasquatch, losing every battle he fights. And then they make the Sasquatch even stronger, which doesn't seem to even be necessary.

I did like how Jaime is a stronger character due to some of Bob's editing choices. She actually (to me) is the much more interesting and character.

Overall, I could have done without some of the first half of the episode, since the more interesting stuff did happen in Jaime's half. But the changes made by Bob did improve the overall story, and thus my enjoyment as compared to the original episodes.

NOTE - I would rate my enjoyment of the original episodes as around a 5, so I do feel like Bob improved these episodes. But in this case, my enjoyment is really limited due to the material and not the editor. This story is just not one that I found as interesting as other ones.


This was a fun throwback to my youth, and again, I have to say that the highlight of this edit is the technical prowess displayed by the editor.

While it still feels like a TV show (as opposed to a movie) due to the opening teaser and TV-style opening, nonetheless, the rest of the edit flowed and fit together perfectly. I only wish my problems that are inherent with the story itself (as mentioned in the Narrative section) were not there.


This is a very fine edit, and will be very enjoyable to all who did like these episodes. If you never liked these shows in the first place, I don't think this edit is for you. However, for those who enjoyed the original TV Shows, I think this deserves a look as well, with the caveat that, in my opinion, these are not the best episodes from the series.

Very nice job, Bob!

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