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"Love means never having to say you're bionic".

And now for something completely different, Bionic Bob pulls a Smallville Destiny and discards the villain of the week structure to center around the human factor and offer nothing but Steve and Jaime, Jaime and Steve. And it works fine, resulting in a sweet and engaging edit. We don't need a generic villain shoehorned in, if we have characters we care about we will want to follow them around even when they take a day off. In fact I wish the networks would dare to do this every once in a while instead of forcing the formula into everything.

The narrative is well sustained, which is remarkable given its patchwork nature. We don't know exactly why Jaime "malfunctions" but given the circumstances it's better not to know. The song, however... I understand the thematic reasons to leave it in, but I kinda wish Bob had followed his initial instincts and replaced it. Let's say Mr. Majors' crooning ability is dangerously close to fingernails on a chalkboard... I think I would have also cut out the scene of Steve looking at the yearbook, as "brother-zoning" is what girls do to boys they're fond of but "just not that way". And as Steve and Jaime were always somewhat into each other, it's not very fitting.

The editing itself is seamless, and if you miss some action and adventure, you'll find it in the accompanying short about Jaime's first mission.

A very charming edit, perfect for around Valentine's day.

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