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Crouching Dragon—The Tiger Lily Cut
August 20, 2012    
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Simply put, the freshest and funniest fanedit idea for quite a while. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a perfect candidate to be drawn a clown nose on, at least for a fan of deadpan humor as myself, as it's a straight-face film that is thematically solid and strikingly beautiful to look at, yet at the same time quite pompous, and over the top as only a wuxia movie can be. With these elements, watching these characters so earnestly spout out the insanities ssj dared to write for them, and recite vulgarity with the same aplomb as it was Shakespeare, is a match made in laughter heaven. Best culinary ganja martial arts action comedy ever.

Video and audio are mostly fine all through, yet I noticed some image artifact/pixellation at moments of heavy movement (watched the HD version), and a couple of hard audio cuts: at 0:04:35 after "Nocturnal birdwatching. What a strange hobby!" and at 0:06:42, where it even seems to go to total silence for a split second. There might be more instances, but I was so inmersed in the whole experience that I even forgot to nitpick.

And now, ssj, I want MORE. I desperately want you to do that certain follow-up that shouldn't be spoken of for now. And for everyone: WATCH THIS EDIT. NOW. And laugh your asses off.

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