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Shorts March 01, 2015 1770
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Audio/Video Quality: 9
It's standard Def but a nice grainy well encoded kind of standard def. The soundmix of the source movie is a bit rough around the edges so it's the same here.

Visual Editing: 10
I'm not that familiar with the source but I didn't notice a single cut. Perfect.

Audio Editing: 10
Ditto. Having the best bits of the pop soundtrack all condensed down makes it a wonderful rockin' experience.

Narrative: 9
Some details are only sketchded out but there is just enough here to define these characters properly and there is very little to get bored with. It's a glimpse in to a way of life, not a whole life story.

Enjoyment: 9
I have many Scorsese films in my collection but 'Mean Streets' is one of my least favourite. So I was a bit surprised how much I enjoyed this edit. I remember being pretty bored last time I viewed the original movie but this mini-edit flys along with a kind of dangerous energy. Makes me think I should give the original another go some time.

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