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So much fun! From the perspective of someone who doesn't regularly watch the Arrowverse (a bit too heavy on the soap opera side for my tastes) but has had a lifelong love for these characters from the comics, I really appreciate Bob's distillation of the big event episodes to make them more easily palatable to casual viewers. A previous review seems to miss some of the character bits that have been removed, while if anything I still felt some parts were a bit too soapy (what worked for me character-wise? The poignant Jax/Stein subplot and the Snart/Ray moments that help paint a bigger picture of life under the Earth-X Nazi tyranny. The rest... not really so much), so your mileage may vary.

I also admit that I initially found this to be a bit of a slow starter. Up until the end, I was thinking that it should have opened with the wedding, as there's where it really kicks in. But the ending proved me wrong: you absolutely need those early scenes to make the ending work. In any case, once I kicked it I was glued to the screen all through. So very compelling, exciting, and energetic! By the point Supergirl gets to say a certain iconic line associated to her cousin (let me thank the show for the reference) I actually cheered. Felt like going out there myself to punch some Nazis!

Gotta thank Bob for giving me the opportunity to enjoy all the likable characters (and likable they are) and the energy with less soap opera. Keep 'em coming! The mid-credits sequence with two certain classic characters (one from an earlier TV incarnation, one from a milestone comic book) got me all nostalgic and excited for the next one already!
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