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Bob has set out to create a primer that properly leads into the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. He certainly has his work cut out for him, since instead of taking the CW’s crossover events & tightening them up, he has taken on the herculean task of going over the beginning of each show that directly leads up to the Crisis. 11 hours of TV, condensed into a 2.5 hour movie.

The movie that this edit reminds me of most is Cloud Atlas, as the cuts are more motivated by emotion & theme as much as, if not more than, plot progression. For example, When Oliver hears about his sister’s overdose on Earth 2 in the Arrow portion, we cut to a funeral in the Flash portion. Very smart editing, creating an almost dreamlike sensation flowing in and out of the different shows. That said, there are times where the haze of the dream lifts.

For instance, when Malefic transforms into a T-Rex, we cut to Starling City on Earth 2 briefly before going back to Malefic. It’s a brief moment that reminds you that these are edits of tv shows that have commercial breaks, so in that way the choice is justified, if slightly unfortunate.

Malefic’s introduction also felt off to me. I wonder if the scene with him and Mar-Novu could’ve came after Nora’s message to Barry & Iris shorts out, since that would also help transition back to Starling City on Earth 2, which is also part of Novu’s machinations. Alternatively, the scene with Malefic & Mar-Novu could’ve been after Barry decides he’ll see the Crisis himself.

On a lighter note, I felt we need a prior introduction Well prior to the one we got, & a crowd of people appears right after Lex’s suit explodes. However, these are minor quibbles. To call what Bob’s done here impressive is an understatement. Both this edit & Part 2 WILL make you hyped for the eventual COIE edit, that’s a promise!

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