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(Updated: February 25, 2022)
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Having never seen the original, I can't directly compare...but a quick trip to Wikipedia to read the plot summary makes it clear that this is a very different film. I was shocked to see that the original has a ridiculous twist ending that utterly undermines the entire revenge and sacrifice narrative in favor of a sappy Hollywood ending. At the last second, it turns out Pita was alive the whole time?? Give me a break; it seems obvious that this was a result of studio interference and a preference for a "happy ending."

Thankfully, that's been corrected by CBB. This is now an absolutely brutal REVENGE movie about a man whose only goal is to mercilessly hunt down and murder Pita's killers. "Creasy" is edited so flawlessly, taking place entirely from the eponymous protagonist's perspective, it's hard to imagine that the original was so vastly different. It's a testament to the strength of the edit that it's pulled off so well here.

The core narrative is effective and powerful. Creasy forms a bond with Pita, fails to protect her, and then exacts brutal vengeance. Simple, straightforward, and enjoyable. Without giving away the ending of this edit, I honestly have no idea how it was put together....presumably there was in fact an entire alternate ending filmed? However it was done, CBB's edit is absolutely flawless. The only reason A/V isn't a 10 is because it isn't 1080p, but the quality is solid regardless. Highly recommended.

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