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(Updated: August 29, 2012)
gogodabest nov 25 2009

I think there is a slight problem with this cut – since You deleted Mickey Rourke’s scenes we don’t know who he is, but Creasy however, recognizes the name immediately and knows he is Ramos’ lawyer. At that point we have no idea how he knows that. Maybe You should have left at least the scene where he meets him.
On the other hand when I watched the theatrical cut I was very disappointed with the ending. The alternate ending that You used really gives a closure to the strory. I didn’t notice any editing problems during the movie, but I think You should have left the original title sequence. I wasn’t able to find subtitles for the spanish-speaking parts, I watched the dvdrip and not the dvd, but since You gave us the option to watch this in Xvid we should only have subs. This was of course not that bad, since the lines in spanish are quite few and one basically gets the idea what has been discussed. The video was also pretty good, especially for the small size, the audio was clear.
Overall a nice cut, I enjoyed it definitely more than the original film and if I am not mistaken this is the basic idea of fan-edits, to improve the viewing experience for audiences who were let down by the original and give them the chance to finally appreciate it.
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