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FanMix July 15, 2012 3243
(Updated: August 29, 2012)
Metrostar Aug 25 2009

This is a great fanedit. I finally got to see it last night with my wife and we were both very impressed. The new ending is done VERY well. When I first watched the theatrical cut of this I actually fell asleep right around the point that Creasy dies in the car and I just felt that that summed it up for me. Creasy died from the boredom of the ending. This new ending is SO much better and for me now, THE ending. As for the rest of the edit, it all works wonderfully, with only one or two spots where I became aware (not in a bad way) of edits being made. I also liked that Pita’s mother is in this less, she really was quite annoying to me. I have to give this 9/10.
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