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FanMix July 15, 2012 2447
(Updated: August 29, 2012)
zeppelinrox march 23 2009

This is a great fan edit.
What a great idea it was to remove the scenes without Creasy.
It is alot more engaging, not to mention faster paced than the original.

I hadn’t read up on the cuts made so I was expecting Pita to be returned. So I was disappointed that she wasn’t. It was a great, unexpected, twist in the original that she was actually alive and it left me feeling really good.
I like that he didn’t just die in the car ride so it is a better finale but still, it would have been better, for me at least, to have kept Pita alive. Sometimes, cuts that make sense logically don’t agree with the what the heart wants.

I highly recommend this to anybody who enjoys a good old fashioned, action packed revenge movie, without a doubt.
I really did enjoyed to ride!

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