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Lahey by Adabisi 8.6/10
- I love comedy shows and I've heard of Trailer Park Boys through word of mouth but I've never actually watched any of it, so I had no idea what to expect going into this.
- Pretty funny, and pretty much invisible editing
- Excellent work

Fatal Weapon by TMBTM 8.8/10
- Wasn't sure what to expect going into this one. But I loved TMBTM's previous short, “Iron Blood”.
This was very well done. The ending was cool (IMO, two interpretations 1) it's a flashback 2) he's in heaven).

The Naked Gun by matrixgrindhouse 6.4/10
- I could have done with out the excessive grain and lines and scratches etc., but it wasn't too distracting, just my opinion
- I realize this edit must have been tricky since the editor had to cut out the comedy and jokes but some of the dialogue felt a little abrupt – like because it had to be cut together, it didn't have natural pauses, it felt a bit too quick, if that makes any sense. The audio editing other than that was fine, nothing jarring other than what was mentioned. Also, I guess it fits the style of what matrixgrindhouse was going for but at the same time giving it the old-feel effects to the video and audio to patch over most of the cuts seemed kind of lazy for lack of a better word. No offense intended to matrixgrindhouse but I think using the grindhouse effects a bit more sparingly would have been better (“a little goes a long way” as they say)
- This was a really ambitious idea but it didn't really work for me, a non-grindhoused version with more straight forward editing might have been more appealing to me (I can't speak for anyone else).

Police Stories by Neglify 8.6/10
- Training Day was one of my favorite movies, so I liked that it was used as an introduction
- Zodiac: It's been a long time since I've seen Zodiac (but I remember liking it). I enjoyed this one. It lacked action which isn't a bad thing, just two detectives investigating. It felt like it could have been a scene from an episode of a TV show.
- Minority Report: This was another good short. Right to the point, and a story with a resolution.
- The French Connection: Another movie that I love. “Have you been picking your feet in Poughkeepsie?” This short was my least favorite of the three.
- Nice choice of song for the end credits

A Day in the Life by Neglify 8.5/10
- I love Magnolia, Tom Cruise's best acting performance IMO. When I saw that Neglify was going to do a short with John C. Reilly's character, it sounded like a damn fine idea. Like the funny/sad sequence where he talks as if he is on a COPS reality show.
- Although there is no real resolution, the ending was still good

Gordon Year One by g1orkatsos 9.4/10
- Excellent introduction and opening credits
- Great narrative and good choice for the ending
- Editing was pretty much invisible to me
- Nice work g1or!

The Counterfeit Cop Caper by DominicCobb 8.7/10
- Nice music choices, gave it a 70s feel
- If I'm nitpicking the sound levels could be adjusted just a bit as far as music vs. dialogue, but it wasn't jarring or anything but occasionally the dialogue was hard to hear, I guess it was necessary to hide center track spillage as far as the original music
- Some pixellation/artifacts (no idea if this is due to the full DVD encoding, or the fanedit short itself, or maybe the conversion to black&white?) throughout the edit
- I rewatched the the scenes in The Town that were used in this edit. Very nice editing with regards to intercutting of the scenes discussing the job and the heist itself
- Was that song near the end from Le Samourai?
- Narrative-wise this was excellent, nicely done

Supercop by leeroy 8.5/10
- Interesting touch with having Anchorman News Intro on the TV (works good with “turn that shit off”)
- I noticed you also mixed in some scenes from other movies
- Cool opening credits sequence (although the voice over was amateurish but I guess cheesiness works with this edit!) and I can't fault leeroy, not everyone is ThrowgnCpr and hires a professional voice over actor!
- lol at the last actor credited (I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen the edit)
- at times it seemed like the audio transitions could have been smoothed out a bit
- lol at the coca-cola commercial, clever
- Overall this was a fun edit

The Equation of Crime by That One Guy 8.5/10
- Interesting introduction to lay the ground work (and nice to have scenes accompanying the text)
cool song as well
- Video quality was fine save for a few random times where it seemed like a flash of red came on the upper quarter of the screen for a frame or two *This was a result of the encoding of the DVD and not the fault of the editor*
- Music choices were great and IMO conveyed the meaning and feeling of the scenes
- Overall I enjoyed this short. Very “outside the box” and clever idea to use a movie about a man obsessed with numbers/solving an equation and change it into a man obsessed with solving a crime.

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