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I recomend this one to everyone that is a Fan of both movies and has seen them more than once.
Sadly it wasnt my cup of tea.

The Flashbacks did confuse me at times, as they had no ankle sometimes.
They just start, it was conufusing as the Flashbacks sometimes did not refer to anything that was seen before...
mainly in the third act this gets problematic for me, as the pacing is getting faster.

Also with this edit i realize that both films are pretty much the same and bringing them together did not strengthen either one of them.
SOme of the emotions did not come up proper, because we know what happens from the Flashbacks, and so we dont have any fear of loosing a character or such.
So for a first watch, i wouldnt recomend this, bt if your a fan, this shows you a different spin.

Everything technical is flawless as with all works that Job WIlins is showing us.
Most of his other projects i highly recomend, and this just did not work for me that much -
but all praise to Job and his efforts and thanks for sharing.

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