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Conquest of Jurassic World
January 21, 2019    
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As a long time Jurassic Park fan,I was sorely disappointed by Fallen Kingdom at this theatrical release.While it did have some great moments(the cold open,the death of Nublar,Ian Malcolm and the ending too),it just lacked a cohesive structure in the firs place and felt rather cliched at parts.I feel that JobWillins's edit makes the best of both world's by using the rather mediocre Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom to make a compelling and great showcase of a fanedit.Like galadantien already mentioned in his review,the contrast of characters between Claire and Owen is made to seem like a genuine plot point(which both films brush off rather abruptly in favour of more CGI and action).Especially during the ending when Claire is left to decide the fate of the dinosaurs where the scene is juxtaposed with her decisions in world and her interactions with Lockwood was edited beautifully.The only place where I found the flashbacks a bit distracting was at final battle of both films,where it became difficult to keep note of both fight sequences nor did it let me take in the spectacles of either fights themselves.Other than that the edit is paced well and is very seamless.

Also while I am not exactly sure if certain scenes have been re-colour graded to make the CGI dinosaurs seem more natural rather than appear blatantly obvious as shown in the theatrical release(This was very apparent in JW atleast).Regardless of whether this was a placebo or not,it just serves as testament to how well this edit operates and definitely serves it purpose of making fallen kingdom a better film.

This one's going with my steelbook for sure.

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