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june 12, 2010

The actual editing is good. But, sorry, I still didn’t like it.

This edit takes out a lot of the campy humor that plagued the sequel to the terrific Conan The Barbarian. Sadly, doing that alone still doesn’t make the film feel like a good follow-up. What it does is make it sequel watchable, so that’s always a plus. But, I think taking out the humor is just the first step to fully polishing this movie up. A couple things that I think would help work would be to trim Arnold’s dialogue. In Conan the Barbarian, he hardly speaks. Here, he speaks much more frequently. He doesn’t feel like the stone cold bad ass barbarian anymore. Secondly, any successful attempt to integrate the music from Conan the Barbarian would be tremendous. That film had such a identifiable and great soundtrack, that adding some of it in here would make leaps and bounds to making Conan the Destroyer “feel” like the first.

editing 9/10
film 6.5/10 (original is 4/10)
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