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(Updated: September 25, 2017)
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This was very fun.

Full disclosure, I saw the original with my son on DVD in 2010-ish for the princely sum of $4.80+tax overnight, the standard new release price in a country with a monopolized, thriving rental market. I remember mostly an indifferent boredom and dissatisfaction, and applying the usual "dadeye" filter to things, i.e., assuming moment to moment it was more enjoyable for my son and I shouldn't crap too hard on a piece of fluff entertainment on a random Friday.

Here, however, in the viewing year of 2017 when superhero movies are the start and end of all cinema, I actually enjoyed it (speaking specifically to this fanedit), and watched it completely for my own entertainment. It had nice momentum all the way through. I picked up a bargain bin copy of the original just to watch this, but didn't want to taint my experience so I watched the fanedit first. There's always going to be a certain flavorful cheese to the story -- full disclosure again, I like cheese -- but it was after completing havoc1977's trim, much improved version and starting the slog through the original again that it really struck home, just how much difference the snips can make.

On a personal level, C:W is 10/10 viewing. That's specific to my history maybe, but I insist havoc's version is an indisputable improvement, excising a ton of garbage (over 20 minutes of it) while working deftly with the cheese to create what is, for me, a definitive fanfix.

Well done! Thank you!
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