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(Updated: August 29, 2012)
- Noticed a frame still there when kid Wolvie kills his “father”. The scene ends up being abrupt, but because the scene is so tightly packed, there’s really not much way to edit around it. Glad to see you were able to pull off something with it.

- The jump from Wade slicing the bullet to him smiling at the guy behind the desk seemed a little abrupt, but again, you needed a way to show that he had eliminated the threat.

- Never liked Will.I.Am’s line “Wouldn’t do that if I were you brother”. I saw this movie when the bootleg got leaked, and in that version, he didn’t have any dialogue here. You can tell it was added in post cuz his mouth doesn’t move when we see his face. I thought his silence (like in the bootleg) worked better.

- Personally, I liked when Logan clicked his tongue for Zero to get back in the car. I like the tension between them.

- Glad to see the “Wolverine” story go, although I would’ve kept in the scene where he wakes up in the morning and takes in the sunrise with his girlfriend. It’s a nice establishing shot to show Logan has a new life now.

- Also would’ve kept the scene where he’s waiting for her in the car while she’s with her students. Like earlier mentioned, it helps establish their relationship more.

- Glad Logan’s scream up to the heaven’s was cut. As if it weren’t corny enough in X3.

- The removal of dialogue between Victor and the bartender made the jump seem abrupt for my tastes. But I’ll take it over the stupid dialogue.

- When Victor kicks Logan and it cuts to black, the sound was cut short. It should’ve faded out or echoed as we fade in to the establishing outside shot of the laboratory. I actually would’ve kept in Logan’s scream, then faded to black when he passed out.

- Unless there’s something I’m missing about Wolverine’s powers from true comic book canon, why would the line about the anesthesia be cut?

- Glad to see the bathroom scene with the bad CGI claws was cut. The transition from the barn to the dinner table was a *tad* abrupt IMO.

- Unless I wasn’t paying attention, I don’t remember Logan ever hearing Zero talk to Stryker about the island (except when he was still “coming back to life” while in the water tank). So it seemed odd for Logan to mention it. Unless of course this is the only way to keep the plot moving for Logan to get the info. from Fred, then I can understand keeping it in.

- There was a bad cut when Logan approached Fred (obvious removal of the “fat” line). Also
he mentioned the tatoo on Fred’s arm even though the previous reference about it was cut.

- Glad to see the first scene with Scott was cut, as it didn’t add anything to the story.

- Bad cut when removing the “Gambit” line.

- I didn’t feel like the deleted scene of Victor talking to Stryker added anything. When he approached Fred still laying in the ring I figured we’d see Victor get the info. from him and then kill him.

- SO GLAD you cut out Logan cutting down the fire escape.

- Bad cut for “the pool” line.

- Also VERY GLAD you cut out the error with the bullets (he fired all 6 shots at Logan), as well as Wolvie’s girl using her mind powers on Stryker. Him leaving her there to die is pretty sinister.

- Been a long time since I’ve watched this movie, but weren’t there more scenes of the kids getting lost and Scott reassuring them to trust him? If so, glad they were cut.

- Didn’t care for the added music when Prof. X appeared, but was glad to see the head shot of him was cut. The audio levels were a little off though as the music was too loud.

- One thing I’m still confused about. Stryker is “wanted for questioning” in the death of the General. Is he ever convicted? If so, how does he get to where he is in X2?
Overall, upon first seeing this film I knew a fan edit wasn’t too far off in the future. I had planned on tackling it myself, but you’ve pretty much done everything I would’ve done. So obviously, I liked this and it will find a place on my dvd shelf.

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