Clue: Theatrical Edition(s)

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87 / 86 / 87
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9 / 10 / 9
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Brief Synopsis:
This is a simple edit that recreates the original theatrical presentation of Clue (1985) by splitting it into three films with one of the three endings presented in the home video release.
Upon release, theaters received one of the three versions of the film and viewers wouldn't know which version they were getting until they watched it. I find it a surprisingly bold, interesting experiment for such a simple, silly film based on a board game, and I wish more film releases were so creative. I wanted to recreate the theatrical experience by splitting it back into three separate versions.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
Simple cutting and transitioning for each of the three endings.
Cuts and Additions:
Each of the three versions retains one of the three endings provided in the home video release.

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