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FanFix July 12, 2012 2604
(Updated: August 28, 2012)
Odd as it may be, I’ve never gotten around to watching my copy of Cloverfield. I got some mediocre reviews from friends, and just never ended up making time for it. So here is a review from a fresh perspective. I didn’t read your notes first, I just watched it blind.

Everything worked for me. Video quality wasn’t great, but until I read Boon’s review I assumed that was how the original looked more or less, seeing as it is camcorder footage. Editing was spot on, even the so called “hard cuts” were not jarring for me. They seemed perfectly natural for the style this movie was filmed in. The story was tense, and exciting, and thank God you cut any extra scenes between Rob and Beth, which was already annoying enough. I really enjoyed the movie, and was glad I could see yours first.

8 Stars might be excessive, but I feel like I got enough enjoyment that whatever flaws there were with video won’t keep my rating any lower than this. Good job.
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