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Cloud Atlas: Everything Is Connected
July 03, 2014    
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The best movie of 2012 and possible one of the best movies of the decade. And it's finally fanedited... into an amazing and new experience.

"Cloud Atlas" is proof that truly original, thought-provoking and intelligent blockbusters can be produced, and produced well. It also displays huge creativity and workmanship on a scale rarely seen in the multiplexes these days. It’s set in the past and the future; it’s every genre – it’s every movie that’s worth seeing.

Now, nesting doll structure (aka book structure) of the edit helps to focus more on the individual stories which are part of one big story of the humanity. We can still see and feel all these connections and that the characters can “hear” each others’ voices through the ages. I’m happy to finally have that version of the movie that was on my mind for a long time.

Is the fanedit better than original movie. No… it’s different and it points a new direction. It can be seen (multiple times) for newcomers and those who have seen the original movie and yet, there is still a lot of things to be discovered.

If because of the mosaic structure the movie didn’t get the deserved attention, now there is an opportunity to see it in a straight way.

The important edit of the important movie.

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