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I found this in MP4 format, so I copied it to a USB stick and played it off my Blu Ray player's USB slot. I projected it on a 100" screen with a 4K projector with a DD7.1 audio setup. It's been long enough I couldn't automatically pick out what Wraith had added back to the film/integrated to the film,. There were a few noticeable frame skips/jumps that I later realized were probably related to lower quality scenes that Wraith added. I think this is a compelling edit of the film, worth the download and if you're a fan (which I am, ever since first seeing it around 1981 or so. My parents did not bring me to see it in theaters unfortunately. That was Star Wars' release year which I DID see in the theaters). This movie engenders a feeling of wonder in me, especially because of some of teh actors involved. Dreyfus really is compelling in his compulsion and the relief and wonder he shows at the end. The extra bits added in didn't seem to make any narrative issues and seemed to be worth it.

My only negatives on this are that the sound mix was lackluster. Not only did I have to push the volume a lot, but there was little in the way of use of the surrounds that I could hear. It wasn't terrible, it just wasn't as good as I would have hoped.

Thanks so much to Wraith for all the hard work.

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Owner's reply June 27, 2021

Hi and thanks for the review. There is not a lot one can do about the audio since it is a straight passthrough of the original mix throughout. It looks to me like you may have viewed the workprint, but maybe not. I just wanted to note that since there is no audio mixing on this edit; it's just straight scene insertions throughout.

Pleased you enjoyed it.

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(Updated: August 05, 2021) August 04, 2021
Dear Wraith,
I am a new member to this FanEdit Forum and have been overwhelmed by the number of different fanedit movies that have been made available to enthusiastic followers of these cherished films. I was a child in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and grew up watching 5-Star masterpieces in the cinema virtually every single year. Now, as a 49-year old, looking back with nostalgia on my childhood, I was practically 'jumping for joy' when I heard that someone had created an extended edition of Close Encounters of the Third Kind - because I am a fan of extended-versions of films. Only two years ago, Warner Brothers had the good sense to release on Blu-Ray the extended version of Superman: The Movie (the international cut), which included all of the deleted scenes and brought the running time up from 2-hours to 3-hours - and I was practically euphoric when I finally managed to see it.
I was somewhat disheartened in the mid-2000s when Columbia Pictures (and Spielberg himself) only released Close Encounters as a three-disc DVD, leaving the viewing public with the limited choice of seeing each of the three different edits, and with the deleted scenes still deleted from all three versions. When I purchased that DVD set, the experience of watched the three versions was somewhat bittersweet - being able to see different segments in different films but not being able to see the whole lot in a single definitive version (I am one of the few fans of the film who actually LIKED the final scene with Roy walking into the mothership and seeing the interior of the vessel).
Since you have made such a tremendous effort to create the Complete Edition, it seemed only appropriate that one of your supporters should "pay it forward" and provide you with some additional artistic resources. Recently, I have managed to track down and compile the scanned images of the original Marvel Comic edition of the 1977 Close Encounters movie. I placed these images (.jpg files) into an MSWord document in the correct order and then converted the .docx into a PDF, effectively recreating the original comic book. I attempted to link the 33-megabyte file to this comment but the forum apparently does not permit this to happen. (I am not all that tech-savy and do not know how to link files... this is the first online forum that I have ever been on...)
I am going to put in an application to the forum for an "Edit Request" of your version of Close Encounters, but that still does not solve the problem of the comic... how do I upload my copy of the comic to you or to the other people on this forum?
Yours sincerely,
[email protected]

P.S. As you may have guessed from my formal typing style, I used to work as a school teacher (I now work as a carer in aged care), and the formal style of letter writing is actually the correct method of composing a written message to another person. I am unsure how a dialogue between us could occur so I have signed by name with my email address - thank you... I eagerly await your reply.
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