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I love Clone Wars. I have even come to love the episodes in the early seasons that I once thought were awful. However, TCW is not very binge-friendly. The length and sprawling storytelling make it hard to stay focused on the main plots. Eddie Dean has completely fixed this for me. I have never enjoyed spending so much time in the sequel era as I have while watching this. I could talk about how great each episode is, but I want to make a special mention of the episode "The Politics of War." This edit takes several similar episodes (3 or 4?) about the Republic Senate and combines them masterfully into one great story. To me, this is what a great fan edit does; it brings out the best of the source material without completely rewriting it. And, as the series goes on, it just gets better and better. I really appreciate all the time that was obviously put into this project.

I took one point off in the narrative category because there were a few episodes I didn't think worked as intended. One example is the origin story of Domino Squad. It struck me as strange when it faded into their first assignment on the outpost after failing their training. I get the intention of the edit, but the change seemed abrupt. My brain also had a hard time with the combination of the Lair of Grievous episode with the destruction of the Nightsisters episode. It was distracting for me to see the old design style of the early seasons mixed with the new style of the later seasons. However, I realize these issues may be due to my familiarity with the original episodes. Others may not feel the same. Another was the Mortis Arc. I feel so much was cut out it became hard to follow the storyline. And, if anyone plans to watch Bad Batch after this, I think they will need to add the Citadel Arc and the arc that introduces the Bad Batch.

But, that's just a few nitpicks. I could literally talk all day about how great everything else was. My kids and I really looked forward to watching this in the evenings. This plus Numberal Joker's episode 3 edit, which includes the siege of Mandalor, was so marvelous, I've had a hard time moving to the next SW eras in my recent binge. I'm really looking forward to watching it again.

Again, thanks for all your work and for making this available to all of us.

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Owner's reply May 14, 2023

Thank you so much for your kind words!
This is a living project, so I am intending to add some of the currently unavailable episodes as bonus episodes for the people like you who ask for them. And of those, I've just released the Citadel arc, for those who want it as a lead-in to the Bad Batch, or for that good Tarkin-Anakin content.

You might also be interested to know that, while I don't have the Bad Batch episodes as part of this arc, I do link from my spreadsheet to an excellent cut of that content produced by Acbagel over on I work with him often, and his edit of that episode is exactly the way I would have done it, so it has the EddieDean stamp of approval.

Either way, please keep an eye on the spreadsheet because I do intend to add absolutely every episode (that isn't absolute garbage) over time - including making some expanded versions of five of the larger arcs for people who miss particular cut sequences.

Thanks again!

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