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First off, I hate the TV show this edit is based on for so, so many reasons that I won't ramble on about (Basically I hate everything). But out of desperation for another bit of Star Wars magic and in the hope that it might give a glimpse of what the PT could have been, I gave it a whirl.

Audio/Video Quality: 7/10

While the general look of the encode is really first class (I really couldn't imagine it looking any better) there is in at least four points, a very noticable visual glitch (The picture breaks up into huge chunky/blocky and noisey pixels). But these are of course just for a second, so don't spoil the enjoyment too much.

Visual Editing: 10/10

Seemless, it all looked perfect to me (Maybe the ending was a tiny, tiny bit abrupt?). Loved the crawl too.

Audio Editing: 7/10

This was less seemless. For the most part very good but on a few occasions there was a abrupt change in music with hardly a note of transition. Some additional music would have been nice to smooth over these moments. I also didn't care for the Threepio/not-Threepio voice. He looks like Threepio, he acts like Threepio and in one scene he still sounds like Threepio = He is still Threepio.

Narrative: 8/10

This worked surprisingly well for a TV-to-Movie edit and certainly flowed better, was more coherant and was more engaging than any of the three live action PT films. There were only two things that stood out as really odd: 1. Obi-Wan leaping to Hyperspace in the seat of his one-man fighter, having a conference call standing up, then leaping out of Hyperspace. This continuity error needed fixing but maybe it just wasn't possible. 2. Padme being almost totally absent from the narrative for most of the edit (Not a huge loss to be honest). There were a few other moments but these were very minor and if I didn't know this had originally been a TV show, I might not have even noticed them.

The story worked much more like a proper Star Wars film than the PT did. Although this edit is VERY heavy on the action and light on character moments. The character moments actually work well, which keeps the action feeling full of character too, as we care about what our heroes are doing. The OT was fairly action heavy too but those lighter moments really counted, as they do here.

Enjoyment: 8/10

Considering how completely I hate the source material, I was really surprised by how much fun this was. I loved the whole epic sweep of it all, feeling like the kind of "War raging across every corner of the universe" movie that I'd thought the Clone Wars to be, in my pre-1999 imagination. I especially enjoyed Kenobi's 'complicated' friendship with the Duchess. If only the live-action Padme had been like this character. It still suffers from the "I know you paid to see Kenobi and Anakin's friendship but tough sh*t they are only on screen together for 5 minutes" thing than plagued the PT films. Hopefully further installments of these edits will show more of that (Hint).

I'd reccomend this edit to those looking for a tantilising glimpse into the potential the PT had. It isn't perfect, but it's a hell of a lot more enjoyable than it's live action counterparts. Hurray, this is the 4th best Star Wars movie!

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